On My Way to Detroit for A Volt Test Drive

One of the problems with suddenly deciding to start a blog after you’ve collected months of experiences and content is that you have to write about everything in past tense.  Ideally I would have liked to share my entry to the Wired Chevy Volt Video contest, and my excitement in winning in a following post – but since they’ve all since happened ~ I’ll have to start with my upcoming trip to Detroit.

The plane tickets are booked, the …

The San Francisco Chevy Volt Focus Group

One comment I hear far too often is that Volt followers think General Motors is asleep at the marketing wheel and not really hitting their target demographic for the Chevy Volt.  Generally I’ve withheld comment with regards to rebutting those statements – but this event being far enough in the past I feel comfortable writing about it now without stepping on anyone’s sensibilities or good faith.

Back in November of 2009, I was invited to participate in a Chevy Volt …

Chevy Volt at the 2009 LA Auto Show

It’s been 7 months since I actually went to the LA Auto Show to see the Volt, so this is a bit of delayed Electric Car blogging, but here it is nonetheless!

The Production Chevy Volt made its first appearance at the December 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. Having just participated in a Chevrolet Volt focus group in San Francisco and an  in home interview at my place in Berkeley, I decided to take the quick 1 hour Southwest flight …

Coloring the Chevy Volt – Grade School Style

Just for fun, I found a Chevrolet Volt Coloring Page offered to grade school students. I borrowed some markers - and a couple hours finished this masterpiece! 

Ok I admit – I’m no artist, but it was fun!  Have yourself some fun or print out a great activity for your kids on the GM K-4 Activity Center

So You’ve Decided to Buy a Chevrolet Volt

So You’ve Decided to Buy a Chevrolet Volt

Wired Autopia Volt Video Challenge Winner

Check out my winning entry to the Wired Autopia Chevy Volt Video Challenge! You can find out more about the the contest at Wired Autopia.