Chevy Volt Unplugged Los Angeles Experience

I made the trip down to Los Angeles to watch my Alma Mater, Cal take on USC in the LA Coliseum.  It was a disaster.  It was 42-0 by the half, so it was a good thing I had something else planned for my LA trip.  As I’ve already driven the Volt a couple times and have one on order for delivery later this year, I decided that instead of signing myself up for a drive that I sign up …

Chevrolet Volt in Los Angeles – Unplugged Tour

Here’s an update to the Chevrolet Volt unplugged tour if you are in the Los Angeles area, the event flyer for Manhattan Beach (actually El Segundo Best Buy) is for Sunday October 17th. 

I will also be posting this flier to the Events forum.  Check it out there!  I will be going to this event, but will also post additional fliers when I get them.

Chevy Volt Unplugged flier full sized download

Chevy Volt Los Angeles Unplugged Tour Events Thread

Chevy Volt Unplugged Tour in the Events Forum

GM has just released the specifics for the Chevy Volt Unplugged Your for the West Coast event locations.  Specifically, they are below.  If you are planning to attend any of these events, let others know in the Chevy Volt Events Forum so you can meet your fellow Volt Enthusiasts!

Here is the Chevy Volt Unplugged Event Registration Form if you want to schedule a test drive.

I personally will be attending the Los Angeles Event on October 17th at Manhattan …

Chevy Volt Gas Mileage & $750 in Gas Money

Recently the Chevy Volt community has been able to piece together several important pieces of information on the 2011 Chevrolet Volt.  First is that the gas tank on the Volt is 9.3 gallons, second is that the estimated range on gasoline along is 300 miles.  With this, we can pin down – in average driving conditions what sort of MPG’s you should expect to get after you’ve run down your 40 miles of electric driving on the battery alone.  300 …