Chevy Volt vs Nissan Leaf Comparison

On a crisp clear San Francisco Sunday, I made my way to the San Francisco Moscone Convention Center to attend the 2010 San Francisco Auto Show.  The main purpose of my trip was to check out the only real competitor in the Chevy Volt’s class, the Nissan Leaf.  One can argue that even these two vehicles are really not comparable, but it’s as close as one can get.  Aside from design elements, and engineering implementations, the real main difference between …

Chevrolet Volt Awards – MotorTrend CoTY and Automobile of the Year

Typically I don’t post just any news about the Volt that is widely available in the media, but this one is definately worth noting.  The 2011 Chevrolet Volt has won both Motor Trend Car of the Year and Automobile Magazine’s Automobile of the Year.  These are very prestigious awards from reputable publications.  I would say that this is very well deserved.  The Chevrolet Volt Team has really gone over the top to make sure that the Volt was a success, …

My Chevrolet Volt VIN Number

My Chevrolet Volt VIN is 1G1RD6E4XBU100010

If I’m reading that correctly that means it’s number 10 off the line! 

If you have a Volt on order I encourage you to check out the Chevy Volt Order Tracking Post to see what your VIN number is (if it has one now) 

Additionally the reports around the web are that the “Job 1 Chevrolet Volt” coming off the Detroit-Hammtramck assembly line is slated for November 30th, 2010 and that very soon we’ll …

My Chevy Volt Order Tracking – Final Update

Jump to My Chevrolet Volt Order Tracking Updates - updated 12/23/2010

Chevrolet Volt Order Tracking Overview

I’ve decided to combine my previous posts into one permanent page that shows you the ways that you can tracking your Chevrolet Volt Order through the production process.  There are two primary ways that you can do this on the web.  One is through the official Chevrolet Order Tracking portal at All you need to get started is your Dealer’s City and State …

Chevrolet Volt at Irvine Chevrolet Grand Opening

If you are in the Irvine, California area, you should check out the grand opening of Irvine Chevrolet as they will be having a  Chevrolet Volt on display as well as free food and other fun stuff. 

The event will be at November 6th, 2010 10am-6pm at Chevrolet of Irvine

21 Auto Center Drive
Irvine, CA 92618-2803
(949) 457-2000