Chevy Volt Owner’s Review Series (Part 1) – Chevy Volt Trunk Space

Chevy Volt Owner’s Review Series

Due to popular request, I’ve decided to put together a series of articles that officially reviews the 2011 Chevrolet Volt from an Owner’s perspective.  Is this review series impartial?  No not really – since I did buy the 10th Chevy Volt and love it.  But what you’ll find in this review series that you won’t find in any other “popular” magazine articles is the perspective of one of the first Chevy Volt owner’s and

Chevy Volt V2 – Considering 5 Engineering Tradeoffs

If you’re like me, you’re probably happily tooling around in your new electric car and as an early adopter, riding the wave of a new automotive propulsion paradigm.  If you’re part of the early majority however – waiting for version 2 of the Chevy Volt, there’s also good news for you.

GM has posted some questions asking for feedback from early Volt customers in the form of an Online Survey.  While a lot of this survey was pretty standard as …

Chevy Volt Energy Usage – Charging on 240v vs 110v

One of the questions circulating around about the Chevy Volt and any other electric car out there is how much more efficient it is to charge an electric vehicle on 240v (Level 2 Station Charging Station) vs. a 110v (Level 1 Charging Station).  For those wondering why it would make a difference – it is the same reason that long distance transmission lines from power plants are run at tens or hundreds of thousands of volts vs. your regular household …

More Volts Hit the Road (And Charging Stations!)

This weekend I parked in the San Jose City Hall Garage to attend an event at the SJSU Event Center. you might recall from the picture that this was the same place I did a Chevy Volt public charge for the first time. I assumed that I would be alone yet again – however when I came back – to my surprise was parked another Chevy Volt!

In December, January and February, I did not see another Volt on …