Chevy Cruze Eco Review – From a Chevy Volt Owner

The Chevy Cruze has been likened, tied, compared, and downright matched up head to head with the Chevrolet Volt since the Volt and Cruze were released to the U.S. market in late 2010.  No surprise here really, some relatively common comparative questions and comparisons are listed below.

1.)    Why buy a Chevy Volt when you can buy a Cruze for half the price?

2.)    Is the Chevy Volt a Halo car?  Used to draw attention to the dealership so as …

Restricted Public EV Charging and How the Chevy Volt Got Around It

A Few Days Ago I was on the Google Campus for a conference and was very interested to finally be able to use one of their hundreds of ChargePoint EV Charging Stations around the campus a segment of which you can see below.  The Volts/Leafs are both gFleet cars and Employee Vehicles.

This was great because Google was about 42 Miles from where I live, so if i drove conservatively, I could potentially make the entire 84 miles round trip …

The IPhone 4S Siri Review in the Chevrolet Volt

I’ve been a long time sprint customer and Android user, but when I heard that the IPhone 4S was coming to Sprint and it had this feature called “Siri” I had to give it a shot with my Chevrolet Volt.  For those of you that are wondering, Siri is a voice recognition computerized assistant, often compared sarcastically with the 2001 Space Odyssey AI, the HAL 9000.  For more about Siri, read the basics at the Apple Siri Page.

While …