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A Sneak Peak at the 2016 Gen 2 Chevy Volt (I saw it)



Chevrolet invited a bunch of select Chevy Volt owners out to an event in Los Angeles and just gave 20-30 of us a sneak peak at the 2016 Chevrolet Volt to debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

This sneak peak was the only photo we were allowed to share, but we were also allowed to go to a back room where to got to see the real deal.  Engineers and designers were also on hand to answer questions about the 2016 Volt.  No specifics, but some real concrete high level details both on the engineering side as well as the practical side.

Here’s a little bit of a tease for what I got to see, feel free to ask more and I’ll see if it jogs my memory of what I saw.

Likely FAQs

1.)  How does it look like outside?

It looks lighter, higher off the ground, thinner, leaner longer.  There’s no more ground hugging front skirt to rub against the front driveway.  Less like a stubby hatchback and more like a full length sedan.  You can see the lights have changed, they are more angular and thinner.  You can probably figure a lot of this out from the camp pics you’ve already seen but this confirms it.  I like it,  I think you will too.

2.)  Whats it look like inside?

Granted, the one they showed was a pre-production version so will be tweaks – but there appears to be a bench in the back between the two original seats.  It looks designed to put an infant/child seat there, but not space for an adult/young adult to sit.  Seems like more legroom too.

3.)  Will it have more EV range?

Yes and yes.  No specifics yet, but yes.  More EV range and more gas range likely.  I believe people’s speculations around 50 miles EV would not be unreasonable to believe.

4.)  Powertrain nerding stuff – a lot has been said already in previous posts.

More low end torque because of completely redesigned transmission.  Both motors power the car even from 0 instead of just one motor!  There’s 5 modes of operation, and the whole thing weighs 100 lbs less.  We already know those stats, but that means bit gains for efficiency and weigh savings that can be used elsewhere.  (Cost savings too!)  It is a clean sheet design – it does not operate like Gen 1 Volt.

1.5 liter engine works less hard to give Volt owners a more pleasant less straining experience with the engine.  Also more efficient, and less costly because it can now use regular instead of premium gas due to gas engine enhancements that allow high compression without knocking.

Battery cells are tuned for more energy v.s. power, leading to greater energy capacity, but overall max power output remains comparable.  More range, some max power, more low end torque.

5.)  Other Stuff:

The goofy long radio antennae is gone.  Now a real shark fin is there.  (Note in the covered pic, where the antenna would normally be.

Dual screens are there, old iPod dashboard has been redesigned to look more modern, but we did not see it powered on.  Hard to describe, didn’t get a good look.  Could be totally different for production.

All and all really excited to see gen 2 unveiled with the full specs at NAIAS.

Here’s to the new happy 2016 Volt owners to come!


4 Responses to “A Sneak Peak at the 2016 Gen 2 Chevy Volt (I saw it)”

  1. Jeff N says:

    Nice writeup. I saw you there but you were busy talking with other folks and I didn’t want to interrupt.

  2. JB says:


    Blue available-check
    More AER-check

    If they have managed to slim down that dang front A pillar then I have probably found my next new car. Bye bye lease!

    Exciting and great writeup!!!

  3. Carl says:

    Any info on the release date (on sale, not the reveal date)?

    I’m asking because I think it will be hard to move any current Volts without huge discounts after Jan 2015.

    I hope it’s soon.

  4. Don says:

    Were buttons and knobs on the dash or was it all touch sensitive like the current Volt?

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