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Buying a Chevy Volt

Ok – so you are convinced that you want to buy this car, but how and where to get it?  Is there a waiting list?  How much is it going to cost?  Can I get the solar roof option?

Read on to find answers though to the most commonly asked questions.

When (and where) is the Chevrolet Volt available for sale?

Update: 7/28/2010:  Here is a list of Chevy Volt Dealers

The Chevrolet Volt is planned for initial roll out in November 2010. The initial launch markets are California (San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Sacramento), Michigan, and Washington DC. (update - 7/1/2010: Now Austin TX, and New York are Volt launch markets) Roll outs to the rest of the country will happen for the next year following.  Specific roll out rates and plans have not been announced yet by GM, though initial quantities for the first year will be fairly limited (around 10,000 volts for the first calendar year of production)

Read more in the Chevy Volt Dealers Page

Can I put a deposit on the Volt?  Is there an official waiting list?

Update!  7/28/2010:  Dealers are now taking pre-sold orders for Chevrolet Volt’s.  Place an Order Now by talking with your local participating dealer!

I’ve placed my order at Concord Chevrolet and now have an official order number for the Volt.  Check out the article to find out more!

Important Update! 7/2/2010:  GM Announces that Dealer Network will Handle Initial Orders of Volts!

This doesn’t mean that you should run to your closest dealership however and put down a deposit – not all dealers will get an allotment this year!  Do your homework in your launch market area and find out who will have them.  For more information about the San Francisco Volt launch, check out my latest post Buying a Chevy Volt in San Francisco.

Dealers will manage their own waiting/ selling lists, and each dealer seems to be handling the relationship differently.  Some are taking deposits with credit checks, others – just a preferred buying list for now, while still others have not yet gotten their list started!  So make sure you find out and get the right expecatations.

Older Notes:  6/24/2010

I’ve seen a lot of people putting deposits with local Chevrolet dealerships for the Volt.  My suggestion is that you do not do this unless you have some real trust in your local dealer (Do you really trust an auto dealer that much?)  While this gives you an outside shot of getting an early Volt, the dealers who will be getting the first Volts have not been announced and in fact only dealers who can pass a stringent set of training and servicing capabilities will get the first shipments of the Volt.  GM has stated the “Go-to Market” Strategy has not been finalized.

If you are thinking perhaps there will be a waiting list or some other distribution strategy than a mad rush to your local dealership there’s a good bet that will happen.  The question of “buying experience” was posed as a major discussion point in the focus group I participated in as well as the at home interview.  Several ideas were thrown past us so I think it’s fair to say GM is taking a serious look at initial demand management.

Today however (Currently Late June), there is no official waiting list.  Stay tuned to find out more – and hold onto your hard earned dollars.

How much will the Chevy Volt cost?

The Volt MSRP’s for $41,000 base and $44,600 fully loaded.

Older Notes:

There is no topic more speculated on than the cost of buying a Chevy Volt.  The expectation set for a long time (and aside from all the rampant speculation) I’ve seen the message has been very consistent between $32,500 and $37,500 AFTER tax credits.  So if you’re thinking it’ll price for less than $30k, you’re dreaming.  But we’re all entitled to dream right?  No official release on the pricing and that’s not surprising given how much the market is changing right up to launch.

What Rebates and Incentives are Available for the Volt?

Check out my article on Federal, California, and Utility Incentives for the Chevy Volt.  It includes up to $12,500 in rebates and lower electricity rates off hours!

What Colors Can I order the Volt in?

Check out the Chevy Volt Trim and Colors Page Here

What Accessories and Options are Available for the Volt?

Check out the Chevy Volt Accessories and Options Page Here

How do I track My Chevrolet Volt Order?

Check out the Chevrolet Volt Order Tracking Page Here

2 Responses to “Buying a Chevy Volt”

  1. Cadillac CT says:

    I really enjoyed this post. You describe this topic very well. Trust is the most important element of the car buying process, and your dealers approach should be reflective of that – easy, straightforward, and transparent. If you are looking for a new or used car or truck, SUVs or Commercial Trucks, researching financing options, or looking for a quick quote on a vehicle, your dealership should be there ready to assist you. They should invite you to discover their collection of outstanding vehicles that are meticulously inspected, professionally serviced and detailed, and come with sound history reports.

  2. Vin Roybal says:

    I have to get this off my chest. Until today I have loved our Chevrolet Volt since buying it last year. Today I ran over a road hazard and needless to say my tire went completely flat. I searched the vehicle for a jack and lug wrench (Tire Iron) to remove the flat tire, when hunting for the jack, I could not find a tire iron for the lug nuts not to mention the vehicle does not come with a spare tire. I did however find an Air Compressor, I attempted to fill the tire but the air compressor would not work. I know that back when we purchased the vehicle that it did not come with a spare tire which I reluctantly accepted due to the buzz of having my first EV. But today I found out what a flaw not having those items in the vehicle is. I am lucky that I was in town and close by the resources to obtain what I needed to change the tire. What if I was on the highway or in a less than convenient location? We considered buying the new Cadillac ELR, but if this also does not come with a spare I am going to rethink that decision. Needless to say I am not very pleased with this. I thought it would be OK when initially purchasing the vehicle but now I see now that it is more of a huge inconvenience not to mention a safety issue. I had to take the tire off the vehicle leave the vehicle in the parking lot on the jack as there was not a jack support either taking up the space where a spare tire would fit. Please consider changing this in your future models – I would expect more from a $40k Vehicle… as no one really knows what not having these items is like until you need them.

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