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Buying a Chevy Volt in San Francisco


In an important first hand update – GM announced that it would be doing Volt sales through their dealer network, and that dealers would directly handle the sales of the first Chevy Volts to customers. That said – if you read my “Buying a Chevrolet Volt” section of the site, I wouldn’t suggest running out to your nearest Chevy Dealer and putting down $1000. If you really want to get a car this year, you’ve got to do your research on who’s getting allotments for the Volt this year.

In this article, I provide a list of my research in the San Francisco Bay Area as to which dealers have allotments. Keep in mind that GM JUST released this information less than 24 hours ago to the dealers so this is very fresh information. In fact some of the dealers I spoke with have not yet digested their total allotment.

If you are interested – here is the official Volt Sales Q&A from Tony DiSalle. I’m proud to announce that my question about “getting on a proper list fot the Volt” was asked at 7 minutes and 48 seconds in. So skip to there if you want to hear the specific announcement from GM about Volt go to market plans as they are now.

In any case a made a bunch of phone calls this afternoon and here is what I found out about initial annual allotments at local GM dealerships. (Whether they are true or not we’ll see)

  1. Putnam Chevrolet – Burlingame, CA = 16 Volts
  2. Boardwalk Chevrolet – Redwood City, CA =1 Volt
  3. Dublin Chevrolet – Dublin, CA = No number yet
  4. Concord Chevrolet – Concord, CA = (confirmed launch dealer, unknown allotment)
  5. Courtesy Chevrolet – San Jose, CA = (don’t know yet – they are a larger dealer so likely some)
  6. Stewart Chevrolet - Colma, CA = 16 Volts
  7. Fremont Chevrolet – Fremont, CA – waiting for call back.
  8. Bay Bridge Chevrolet – Oakland, CA – 0 or 1, small dealer.
  9. FH Dailey Chevrolet – San Leandro, CA - waiting for call back
  10. Michael Stead Chevrolet – Walnut Creek, CA – Small dealer, didn’t connected through – likely none

If you hear any more than this feel free to post here and discuss!  The important thing I heard is that for example the dealer in Redwood City said he had 5 deposits for $1000 already, but only 1 car for 2011!  Other dealers don’t even have their lists started, but have allotments!  A variety of others have lists, but also good allotments.  So if you are like me and really want one of the first Volts, do your homework and find out!  Also, so far, most dealers are not specifically taking deposits, but generating “preferred” customer lists.  Safer – and I think much better from a customer service perspective.

One Response to “Buying a Chevy Volt in San Francisco”

  1. Bryan says:

    Why isn’t “Capitol Chevrolet” on this list?
    We are literally one of the best dealerships in Northern California. That’s why our inventory blows the competition out of the water!

    Capitol Chevrolet > San Jose, CA = 87 Volts

    (As of June 7th, 2012)

    -Bryan, Capitol Chevrolet
    Volt Specialist

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