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Chevrolet Volt Homecoming Parade @ Woodward Ave.

Parking Lot Full of Chevy Volts

It’s been a few weeks, but I’ve finally had a chance to put together the photos and images from the Chevrolet Volt Homecoming Parade.  The parade consisted of 50 Chevy Volts and their Owners cruising down Woodward Avenue in the Detroit Area, as well as an entourage of Classic Chevy’s, the new Chevrolet Sonic, and A Cadre of Camaros.  There was even an Opel Ampera in attendance!  (They just started rolling off the line at Detroit Hamtramck)

Black Opel Ampera Rear

Also as there was a Sprint Cup Race at Michigan International Speedway that Weekend, Chevy Team Racing Drivers Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson were on hand to kick off the parade.  Below you’ll see a photo of them at the “start” line of the parade in a drop top Camaro.

Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon Starting the Volt Woodward Cruise

The Parade was police escorted – so after a short tutorial about driving a parade, ignoring the red lights, and paying attention so you don’t rear end the Volt in front of you were were off! and our 50 Volts rumbled (glided) down Woodward Avenue.

As we rolled down Woodward with windows down, my favorite “choice” comment shouted at us when we drove by was “I Can’t Hear YOU!”.  Indeed in a Automotive Bonanza defined by its muscle cars, 50 silent Volts was an impressive sight to see in its own right.

Check out more videos/photos below of the parade itself if you could not make the event!

2 Responses to “Chevrolet Volt Homecoming Parade @ Woodward Ave.”

  1. no comment says:

    it’s interesting that chevrolet is introducing the volt in topaz blue metallic for the 2012 model year. have you seen any pictures of the volt in this color other than what is in the 2012 ordering guide?

    btw, did you have anything to do with this development? :-)

    • PatrickZWang says:

      I haven’t seen an official image of a Volt with that paint color yet, I’ll post it when i do though!

      As much as I’d like to say that I did have an effect on that paint color, I think the correlation is purely coincedental. Funny thing is – the Viridian Joule has kind of grown on me – so I don’t know that I would trade it for a Blue Volt now.


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