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Chevy Volt Accessories

Check out the newest GM official Chevrolet Volt Accessories here.  Below you’ll find photos and a short description of each Chevy Volt Accessory.  You can purchase these accessories through any Chevrolet Volt Dealership.  Information on how to purchase later in the article.  I currently personally own both flootmats, the sunshade and the cargo net which I’ll be posting pictures of soon! 

  • Chevy Volt Sunshade
  • Chevy Volt All Weather Floormats
  • Chevy Volt Cargo Net
  • Chevy Volt Rear Seat Storage Compartment
  • Chevy Volt Trunk Storage Case
  • Chevy Volt Car Cover (Indoor/Outdoor)

Chevy Volt Sunshade

 This is a custom fitted heavy duty Chevy Volt sunshade that comes with its own carrying bag.  It features the Volt Logo, with a Viridian Joule tint.  The material folds into a rectangular package and is roughly 3/8 of an inch thick.  If you live in a hot sunny climate this would be a great way to reduce the heat in your cabin and extend your electric range on hot days.


Chevy Volt All Weather Floormats

The Volt comes with optional all weather floormats that you can purchase as an accessory.  The floormats feature a ribbed design with the Volt logo on it.   Great for wet climates, but also they are much sturdier and of heavier build quality than the standard cloth mats.  I personally like the look and feel of them over carpeted mats.  You can purchase front and rear flootmats as a package or the trunk floormat for your trunkspace.

Chevy Volt Front and Rear All Weather Flootmats


Chevy Volt Trunk All Weather Flootmat


Chevy Volt Cargo Net

The Chevy Volt Cargo Net is simple and straightforward solution for any loose articles that would otherwise be rolling around your trunk.  Like any other cargo net, it is suspended between two pre-designed attachment points in your trunk.  In addition to using the net in “envelope” form, you can also use it horizontally to hold down items to the floor of the trunk.  (Think like the net that you would use in a roof rack)  There are attachment points and a configuration guide for that.


 Chevy Volt Rear Seat Storage Compartment

If you need some extra space to store miscellaneous items like flashlights, kiddie snacks, etc you can buy a rear seat storage compartment that sits between the two rear seats of the volt.  It suspends between the two rear seats and is offered in both leather and cloth to match your Volt’s interior trim level.


Chevy Volt Trunk Storage Case

The Volt’s trunk area doesn’t have a nice compartment for things you might need on a trip like a first aid kit, road flares, etc.  (All that room is taken by the air compressor, 110v charge cord, and 12v battery).  So if you need to carry these things and not clutter up your car, you can get a custom Chevy Volt Trunk Storage case that has tie downs to prevent it from sliding around your trunk and also features the Volt logo is a stylized case.


Chevy Volt Car Cover

While you aren’t driving around town showing off your new Volt, you can purchase a custom fitted Chevy Volt car cover.  This car cover is in viridian joule color and is custom fitted for the Volt.  It is rated for both indoor and outdoor use and also features the Volt logo.


Purchasing Volt Accessories

You can order accessories through your Chevrolet Dealership or online through the dealer’s website.  Check out an example  catalog of Chevy Volt Accessories from Concord Chevrolet’s website here, but I would suggest calling your dealer if you want to purchase them as quantities are still somewhat limited.

10 Responses to “Chevy Volt Accessories”

  1. Raymondjram says:

    I like the Volt Car Cover, and that it has a “sock” to cover the OnStar antenna. I have a Chevy Equinox with the OnStar antenna, and I believd that the car cover would have a cutout for the antenna to poke through.


  2. jim says:

    why can’t someone make a windshield sun sheild that doubles as a solar trickle charger that plugs into a cigarette lighter-type socket so the can can charge all day if parked in the sun?

    • Drew says:

      That’s what I was just looking for, either that or incorporate solar panels in the roof.

    • G says:

      Really isn’t worth it. If a solar array puts out say 30 watts, and that’s a good size panel. To do a full charge on the Volt would take 533 hours. Even at half a charge would require 266 hours. You simply can’t extract the wattage required to charge a battery this size.

      Using a 120 VAC line you can get 1500 watts per hour allowing for a full charge in 10 hours.

      • hunter hunter says:

        so it might not actually be effective…..but if you have to have a sun shield anyway,why not have a gimmick ! if i had a volt i would buy one,also a solar roof……it would produce enough electricity to run the radio…….part of owning an electric car is the “gimmick appeal” if the people want a windshield solar block that makes electricity….give it to them.

    • Karey says:

      My solar charger (phone, tablet, camera, small batteries, GPS, VHF, etc) fits between the window & sun shield, and can be used in any location. Having the two functions as one unit means that when one breaks down the other is lost, and when they need to be used in different places only one use is possible.

  3. Mike Murphy says:

    a solar panel COULD be used to power a vent fan that would fit in the window to vent superheated air from the car. G is correct: you need a really big panel to charge a Volt. I have a 40 watt (nominal) panel that is about 24×30 inches. according to the charge controller in full noon sun it is only charging at about 2 amps, or 24 watts. that is plenty to power a vent, but not enough for charging. here is the size of a solar panel that charges 6 Volts http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oM_D03UCtPo

  4. Adam Larson says:

    Chevrolet makes this windshield solar power shield too bad I can’t find a place to purchase it in the U.S. http://cargocollective.com/kdubatista/Pecas-Chevrolet

  5. hunter hunter says:

    i think an excellent promotion would be to sponser advertising with parking garages in urban areas.offer free charging in say a dozen parking spots in each garage.have a large chevy volt banner over the parking areas….on one of the lower floors ,where all the other drivers would pass by and see it……”park here and drive to work for free !”

  6. Joe says:

    Hi there,

    I found this accessory from Italy!!! I have read around people not so happy with standard rear cargo cover…might be interesting!!!



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