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Chevy Volt at the 2009 LA Auto Show

It’s been 7 months since I actually went to the LA Auto Show to see the Volt, so this is a bit of delayed Electric Car blogging, but here it is nonetheless!


The Production Chevy Volt made its first appearance at the December 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. Having just participated in a Chevrolet Volt focus group in San Francisco and an  in home interview at my place in Berkeley, I decided to take the quick 1 hour Southwest flight down to LA to see the car for myself the first time.

On opening day as the gates, I went immediately to the Chevrolet Volt display. The thing that struck me about the car now seeing it for the first time in person, was all the geometry and subtlety there was in the design and lines of the car.  Nothing pretentious, just really detailed and well thought through.


Pictures really don’t do the car justice.  Seeing in person was definately different than any photos I’ve seen (even to this day).  While the car on display was only the show car (not a working Pre-Production Vehicle).  I finally got a sense as to what the car really was.  (Most importantly – I found out i would fit in the driver’s seat very comfortablly being 6 foot 2 inches).  Rear legroom left a little to be desired behind a tall driver, but I don’t plan to be back there much!

All that said – this was still the show car.  No real electronics or technology inside the car yet – but it really hit home that the car was for real when I got a chance to sit in it.  One thing that you get a much better sense of walking up next to it it’s size.  While it was certainly comfortable inside especially in the driver’s seat – plenty of head and legroom, don’t kid yourself – this is still a compact car and a four seater at that. 

All said if you have the right expectations – you’re looking at a pretty sweet package with very few compromises.  Stay tuned for more later when I actually get a chance to drive it.

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