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Chevy Volt Engineering Factoids and Trivia

While I was in Detroit I was able to ask some very intelligent people some very specific questions.  While some specifics obviously would be no disclosed, I’ve compiled a list of some things that you probably didn’t know about the Volt (or have only since speculated about).  I was able to film a quick interview with Trent Warnke, a validation engineer for the Volt and he was able to tackle some pretty interesting technical questions.  In any case, here is a list in no particular order of cool Volt engineering trivia.

If you haven’t already, check out the rest of the Chevy Volt Detroit Experience here.

1.)     The cabin air conditioning compressor is run from a high voltage motor.  (I assume pack voltage or something much closer to that)  This is to maximize electrical efficiency.

2.)    The Volt has a radiator stack with 3 separate cooling loops.  One for the Internal Combustion Engine, One for the Battery, and One for the Power Electronics.

Under the Hood of the Volt 2

3.)    If cooling from the radiator is insufficient for the battery (on a very hot day) it can tap cooling from the air conditioning loop to cool the liquid cooling system.

4.)    There is no spare tire in the volt.  Rather there is a tire repair kit and air compressor.  See my photo in the photo gallery of the trunk.

5.)    The trunk contains a standard 12v automotive battery.  The battery will be used to do vehicle diagnostics before start up, enable the power electronics for the high voltage battery etc.

Chevy Volt Trunk

6.)    There will be a battery service indicator for the 12v battery once it cannot hold enough charge telling you to replace it.

7.)    The Volt Battery Pack does 512 checks 10 times per second constantly to analyze and monitor battery performance.

8.)    The battery door release is on the driver side door panel.  Pushing it releases the spring loaded charge port door.  Check out my photo gallery again for more on this.

Chevy Volt Charge Door Button Close Up

9.)    Power Steering is electric assist.  No fluids involved.

10.)  As with any LCD Screen, make sure you’re not wearing polarized sunglasses while driving or you might find it hard to see the instrument panel!

Volt Center Console

11.) Front and rear parking assist is available (Proximity sensors that beep at you)

12.)  The shifter changed from the broad full palm version to a more standard one.  This was because GM found that people were jammed their knuckles in the shifter recess.

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