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Chevy Volt / EV Meet & Greet @ GM Advanced Tech Center (Videos, Articles and Recap! -updated!)

updated 08/10/2011:

The First Bay Area Volt/EV Meet Up Got a little news coverage and a nice summary video!  Check out the article below from Clean Fleet Report.


And Also a Great Video/Recap of the Event at


Original Post:

Thank you all who came to the event on Saturday August 6th!  I had a great time and hope you all did too.  You can find some photos in the gallery and at the end of this post.

We had about 25 Volt Owners + their guests Show Up ~ Roughly 7-10 Leaf Owners and their Guests (And 1 Tesla Roadster) and well as just interested folks.  All in all – I would estimate somewhere between 60-75 Total!

Chevy had a couple “Test  Volts” that people could drive around in, as well as a “Talk to Tony” video session where you could get your video requests and suggestions for the Volt back directly to Tony Posawatz (The Volt Vehicle Line Director).

We also had a Volt on the Lift in the the back where we could see under the Volt!

I had a great time sharing experiences with many of you and hope to do it again sometime in the future.  (To be honest I’m not crazy enough about monthly meetings so I’m thinking of doing it again in about 6 months or 1 year)

Enjoy the photos!  And if you have other great ones to add please feel free to post them in the forums!

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