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Chevy Volt Gas Mileage and Energy Efficiency

I just received my first monthly “diagnostic” from Onstar/MyVolt on 1/20/2011 and included in it along with some basic check on the Vehicle’s status, scheduled maintenance estimates, etc was a summary of my Energy Efficiency and Gas Mileage.


I’ll be using this post as a means of tracking my lifetime energy efficiency, and gasoline usage.  The above is self explanatory, but I will but some additional notes below.

My electric only energy usage while driving the volt is 40 Kwh per 100 miles.  This currently equates to about 2.5 miles per Kwh.  Since I am paying roughly 6 cents / kilowatt right now, it costs me about 2.4 cents to drive a mile when I am running on batteries.  This energy efficiency numbers reflects my usage of “comfort mode” and the winter in California has put tempuratues in the 48-56 degree range typically.  I set climate to roughly 72 degrees and use the defroster pretty heavily.

From a driving pattern perspective, I am pretty careful to regenerate as much energy as I can when braking (using the L mode) but often accelerate aggressively in sport mode.  When I am cruising on the highway, I use cruise control often, and during long distance drives will limit speed to 65-70 Mph.

You’ll also notice above that I currently have a 118 MPG rating as I have driven 394 electric miles and 159 gasoline miles, giving me a 71% electric driving rate.

I’ve burned roughly 4.68 gallons, and since I’ve purchased the car, have not yet visited the gas station.  I will let you know when that happens and likely I’ll be putting a whopping 3-4 gallons in the tank.  The idea is that I can keep the gas fresh, and also reduce the weight the car is carrying around by about 5 gallons (30-40 lbs woohoo!)

5 Responses to “Chevy Volt Gas Mileage and Energy Efficiency”

  1. Ken Lucas says:

    They say that tha Chev Volt will get 30 miles per gallon if using ‘gas’ only mode.

    If the wt of the batteries was not in the car, what would be the mpg rating?


  2. I have the 2008 Preis and I Fly RC aircraft 3 days a week here in Florida with many 8′ wing spans that barely fit in the car. Question is your rear seat down cargo space as large as my Preis? Hobby Lobby even designed a 12′ that fits into the back of a Preis. I impressed with your Stats so far. Try finding my patents.

  3. Jeff N says:

    My own OnStar efficiency report for last month arrived via email a few days ago. As far as I can tell right now, the “Electric Consumption” number is measured from the “wall socket” so it includes battery charging and conditioning inefficiencies.

    I’m charging at 110v which is likely 5-15% less efficient than charging at 220v. I’m getting 39-41 mpg in gas-only hybrid mode driving around 60-63 mph at 20+ mile stretches. I get about 37 miles of battery range on a full charge at similar speeds. On my weekday commute, I typically drive 25-35 miles with an effective battery range of around 45 miles while driving long stretches on an expressway at around 50 mph.

    Fuel Economy: 261 mpg

    Electric Consumption: 29 kW-hr/100 miles

    Electric Miles: 799

    Gas Miles: 159

    Total Miles: 957

    Percentage on Electric: 83 %

    Estimated Gallons of Fuel Saved: 33 gal

    Estimated CO2 Avoided: 653 lbs

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