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Chevy Volt Guide

Whether you’ve been a long time follower of the Chevy Volt or you’ve just found out about it and are interested in learning more – you’re in the right place!Full Size Model Cut Away of the Chevy Volt

All of the information provided here is based on first-hand experience with technology feasibility, some primary research talking with GM folks I know, and of course, my personal opinion on the speculation in the Electric Car blog world.

In each case – I do my best to separate fact from fiction from fantasy whether mine or other people’s. Keep checking back as there are many topics left to be written – and if you have any questions that you would like answered, post a comment below!

1. Chevrolet Volt Basics (Question and Answers)

What is the Chevrolet Volt?

I’ve seen other hybrid cars – how is the Chevy Volt different?

I’ve heard the term “Range Anxiety” – what does it mean?

2. General Chevy Volt Questions

Do i need a special plug / charging station for the Volt and how long does it take to charge?

How big is the Chevy Volt’s Gas Tank and what MPG does the car get when it’s on the backup generator?

3.  Chevrolet Volt Driving Experience and Performance – May 18, 2010 San Francisco Review

How well does the Volt accelerate and corner?

How is the ride quality of the Volt?

How Quiet is it inside the Volt?

4. Chevrolet Volt Full Test Drive July 14th, 2010 Milford Proving Grounds

How did the Volt Drive in Normal, Sport and Mountain Mode?

What was the estimated Fuel Economy in Charge Sustaining Mode?

How did the Instrument panel and Center Console Display Work?

3 Responses to “Chevy Volt Guide”

  1. mbepic says:

    I like this segment of your site; keep the explanations simple and down to earth, for everyone to understand.

    Looking forward to the Driving Experience and Performance!

  2. PatrickZWang says:

    Hey Again – thanks for visiting and the feedback! I’m certainly inclined to discuss the technology, but what I’ve found is that those discussion (while I can follow them) are very detailed and most people I’ve talked to would have their eyes glaze over talking about it.

    I think my focus is to keep it at a level where I can explain to anyone who has heard of the volt. So thanks for the feedback that I am on the right track!



  3. Sherry says:

    What if you drive on electric for over a year. Is there any problem having a full tank of gas that basically sits in the tank for 1 year +?

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