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Chevy Volt Reviews from Happiest Owners

If you’ve seen any Chevrolet Volt commercials recently on television or the internet you may have seen a familiar face there.  In March 2012, I was invited to be a part of the Chevrolet Volt Happiest Owners Commercial.  But if you’d believe it I didn’t know I was going for a commercial shoot.  Instead, I was contacted to be a part of another Chevy Volt “Focus Group” that was taking place in Los Angeles.  At that point, the scheduling just would not work for me as they were weekday shoots.  About a week later I was invited yet another “Focus Group” In New York (expenses paid) – this one happening on a Weekend.  I figured – hey free trip to New York why not?

Well as it turned out when I was dropped off at a nondescript warehouse in Williamsburg, I was thinking to myself – hmm, this doesn’t seem like a normal focus group.

As I walked inside, I meet a few “fellow focus group attendees” – all Volt owners, so at least that made sense.  We all started wondering if this was really a focus when the wardrobe person came out to talk about what we were wearing.  We were each taken down individually to be “interviewed” – rather unusual for a focus group with implies “Group”.  But as soon as the very professional looking camera and sound crew started rolling the tape and we started answering the questions – it was clear – this was no focus group.

6 hours of filming and I don’t know how many countless hours of editing later, you have the Chevy Volt Happiest Owners Commercials.  5 were released for Television and more longer format ones for the web. They consist primarily of Chevy Volt Reviews from real Chevrolet Volt Owners!

I had a 3 second soundbyte on television (dang you have to cut out a lot for a 30 second spot) – See around 21 seconds below.


But even more time for the internet.  See the videos about “Technology” “VIN Number” “Speed” and “Gas Stations below”.


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