Where to buy used Volt in Chicago Area

Discuss here where you plan on buying a Volt, good and bad dealers as well as how to get rebates and incentives for the Volt!
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Where to buy used Volt in Chicago Area

Postby Vader » Thu Sep 04, 2014 10:07 pm

FYI: From my research, I found CARMAX seems to have a good selection of used Volts at the most reasonable prices. I searched most Chicago dealerships, yahoo autos, DriveChicago.com and a few other sites.
Most dealerships listed prices that were significantly higher (with my requirements: rear camera and seat heaters), but they do not have the fixed CarMax pricing so they may be willing to deal. For me, CarMax would ship to all Chicagoland for free and again the prices were reasonable. A couple cars were priced close and I did make a internet offer on one to no avail. If the price was right, I would have driven an hour to save some dollars. The only Volt that I found that was cheaper at a dealership had a accident recorded on the Carfax... so not something I wanted to deal with. The price had to be within a few thousand dollars of a Honda Civic LX and not use any gas to return on investment.

I am a value shopper. Most 2011 and 2012 Volts with similar mileage were not priced far from 2013. I focused on 2013 because it does get a couple more EV mile range and I wanted to have as much of the battery warrantee (8years or 100K miles I believe) as possible.

I had a concern about buying a used Volt as I have personally seen a rep from a major corporation (GE) state that they never charge the volt because the company did not pay for charging but only pays for gas. My concern was the Volt would not charge to the full 38 EV miles. I purchased my 2013 Volt and upon first charge the controls only charged to 35 EV miles at full charge- not happy. The next two days the EV range elevated to now 43, which I do not believe is the real EV range. The range depletion seems to accelerate at the higher charge range. 38 miles seems accurate. The dynamics of batteries must account for the differences in range estimates.

The good news is that I found the local supermarket will let you charge for free as well as my local utility (Nipsco) offers a program to charge at night for free (ends January 2015- too bad). Many work places also allow to charge for free. Excellent, the return on investment should be relatively short. Let face it, the banks are not paying any interest, so I like the fact that my Volt investment is cutting into gas expenses.

I am pleasantly surprised how robust the Volt is and enjoy driving it. I am frustrated by Chevy not marketing the car better. I realize the more Electric cars are sold, the more will be invested in their future development.
I was not impressed by the fact that CarMax does not charge their Volts and show off the electric range which is the major selling point. However, CarMax did fill the gas tank upon purchase. I realize that Electric cars are the future. I also researched the Natural gas Honda civic. The natural gas cars also have their issues.... driving a bomb and the tank has to be replaced every so many years as the expansion and contraction cycles eventually lead to failure. Plus Honda only seemed to support it on the two coast.

The Volt should save me at least $150 a month in gas purchases... even after considering electrical cost.
Your results may vary. My local Chevy dealer supports the Volt.

That is all I have.
Good luck.

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Re: Where to buy used Volt in Chicago Area

Postby coffee4matt » Thu Sep 18, 2014 9:59 am

I think another good reason to buy a 2013 model Volt over earlier models, is this is the first year it has the "Hold" function as an additional Driver Mode.
This is a very cool feature, and I use it a LOT, especially on longer road trips (see my post re: a 2,100 mile driving trip to Lake Tahoe) under "Lifetime MPG" topic)

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Re: Where to buy used Volt in Chicago Area

Postby Wadyinside » Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:21 am

I feel so happy that people in line, but it may be time to purchase French people believe in it.

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