Turning off POWER at 55 mph in the dark!

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Re: Turning off POWER at 55 mph in the dark!

Postby Allaisa » Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:16 pm

I bought a 2017 Volt and pressed the Start button by mistake. Looks like this has been going on for years and the GM did not do diddly. I guess, unless someone dies they do not care. They do not need to redesign or reposition the switch. All they have do is to provide a flip cover over the switch (like they have in the air craft) so that you can not push it accidentally.

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Re: Turning off POWER at 55 mph in the dark!

Postby coffee4matt » Sat Aug 20, 2016 9:52 am

After 26 months and 34K miles on my 2014 Volt, I think I have made this same mistake 2 or 3 times so far, but not for over a year now. In each case it was due to "driving while distracted"/ multi-tasking - which is a critical design flaw in humans. (I fiddle with the Hold switch regularly, to change driving modes).

By the way, each case I unintentionally did this was always just an annoyance, and embarrassing, but never seemed particularly dangerous. I believe every Volt owner should intentionally do this "mistake" just as a test, while driving in a deserted area and lots of room to pull off the road safely, at highway speed, and with their full attention glued to what exactly happens afterwards (and how to get back to full power-on). This will result in ZERO danger to the driver or anyone, but this drill WILL give you the confidence to know what to expect and what to do if/when you have one of these "senior moments" (which all also common among millenials focused on iphones!)

So, GM engineers do need to "idiot-proof" their products, for people like me! They should move either the Start or the Mode switch in the 2018 Volt.
(The flip lid idea suggested, like the ones that cover accessory power outlets - formerly cigarette lighters - would be 100% effective, but it flunks the convenience test. Power outlets may get used only a few times a year (or never, in my Volt). The "Start" switch and the Mode switch, however, each get used on 100% of vehicle trips, multiple times a day. The flip cover might be a good aftermarket item for existing Volt owners, who are worried about this, but the market is too small to warrant much development effort. I wouldn't buy one, I just stay focused now when I use the "Mode" button!)

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Re: Turning off POWER at 55 mph in the dark!

Postby MrSustainable » Sun Nov 13, 2016 8:53 pm

I am the original poster of this thread. I want to report that I have just upgraded to the 2017 model and could not be more pleased with where they located the power button and MODE buttons. I have the strong impression that the GM design team has been paying attention to the forum. The gen2 Volt redesign addresses all of my concerns very thoughtfully. The POWER button is now located near where the ignition key would be on a normal vehicle which places it out of easy reach, and the MODE button is down next to the shifter where it belongs. It is particularly hard to reach the MODE button because you have to reach over and around the armrests and I like that.
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