Using the "hold" mode

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Using the "hold" mode

Postby profrws » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:38 pm

I sometimes use the "hold" mode to preserve battery capacity. But when I return to "normal" mode and battery power, the "energy usage" screen continues to register gasoline miles for some time, perhaps 5-8 miles, though without indicating any actual gasoline usage. Does this indicate a malfunction in my car or do I simply not understand what's going on? Any thoughts???

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Re: Using the "hold" mode

Postby coffee4matt » Sat Aug 20, 2016 10:57 am

This is normal, my 2014 does the same thing.

Don't worry about the impact of this display lag on your electric-vs-gas mileage "stats" (which did use to worry me, when I was really focused - obsessed even? - on these).

The only "distortion" of gas miles vs electric miles is just for the current trip stats. Remember those trip stats are only temporary, and disappear forever anyways, each time you fully recharge the Volt.

More importantly, this phenomena does not distort your overall MPG, even for the current trip. When you see the gas miles continuing to advance even after you've switched back to electric mode, look at 2 other indicators instead. First, the digital bars on what looks like a big "H" that tell you where the actual power is coming from at that moment. This will confirm only battery power is being used, and the engine is not running (often it is too quiet to tell!). Then, look at the big display of current trip MPG on the right side of the same green/blue "pie chart orb" display screen that is incorrectly indicating you are still increasing your gas miles (when you are not). You will notice that your trip MPG are increasing once again, the moment you switch back to all-electric mode (assuming you are < 250 MPG for this trip, so you can see this increase in real time as it's happening). So you can just ignore the incorrect info.

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