Regen paddle in my 2017 causing engine racing

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Regen paddle in my 2017 causing engine racing

Postby MrSustainable » Thu Dec 15, 2016 7:35 pm

I was just driving home in my new 2017 Volt (just over 1000 miles on it) and found something disconcerting happening. When I used the regen paddle the engine would rev up to over 3000 RPMs. I had already pre-warmed the vehicle and the ICE had engaged to get it nice and warm because the outside temperatures were hovering around 10°F. The ICE was running due to the cold, not due to low battery which was at 85%. My coolant temperature was up around 140°F and I was driving around 45 mph. It seems like the ICE should have de-clutched from the transmission but didn't. Just this afternoon the dealer had updated the software for the "16055 Reduced Propulsion Power" problem from the latest recall, so I'm wondering if this is something new that shouldn't be there (can you say bug?). Or maybe it's purely mechanical and a clutch that engages the ICE was sticking due to the cold...

Anyone else experienced something like this?

I spoke with a Volt technical support person today and he explained that in some circumstances in very cold weather the ICE will clutch into the drive train and then if the regen panel is used the engine braking effect would occur as it would in any ICE vehicle. I am surprised to hear this since I thought that the ICE only connected to the drive train under extreme load circumstances and not due to cold weather. The tech support person said that I should monitor the situation and let them know if this occurs again. So far it has not, but I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has had this happen to them.
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Re: Regen paddle in my 2017 causing engine racing

Postby jackbullion » Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:30 am

I have experienced the same situation with my 2017, but not until the new software update was installed. Previous to that, I used the regen paddle with the engine running without any surging of the engine. I don't know the cause but am not concerned enough to contact the dealer about it. I just use the brakes. The engine runs when the outside temperature gets to thirty degrees or lower to augment the heating needs of the car.

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