EV Charging and PG&E. Are they helping or hurting?

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EV Charging and PG&E. Are they helping or hurting?

Postby mmccarver » Wed Feb 02, 2011 11:00 pm

Have any California Volt Owners dealt with the PG&E options for E9A and E9B rates and the installation of the dedicated meter for EV charging? E9A provides the option for time of use rates but puts the whole household on the new plan which increases your peak time rates by 2.5X. The alternative seems to be to install a second meter just for the EV, at $250 for the meter plus installation cost which can be huge. Very disappointing response from PG&E as it would seem that your electric bill will go up much more than just the incremental cost for the EV charging unless you spend lots of money for the extra meter!

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Still in the Process

Postby TommyBoy » Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:05 pm

mmccarver =>

We are still in the process. And I am putting together some of my thoughts for my thread on this board, "Heidi, my Greyhound" but here is a quick summary:

1) We called PG&E 4 times and got 4 different answers to what each rate option -- (i) staying on current base rate, (ii) moving to E-9A {a Time of Use (ToU) rate}, (iii) putting car on E-9B ToU rate but keeping house on current base rate, and (iv) moving to Solar ToU rate (E-6) -- would do for us.

2) We decided to:
a) Move to E-6 since our use pattern of use (weeknights and weekends) already makes it the cheapest option, and since Level 2 charging would not add much at all to our overall electrical costs.
b) Investigate Solar panels (again. Did so 4 years ago).
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Re: EV Charging and PG&E. Are they helping or hurting?

Postby Jeff N » Sat Feb 05, 2011 8:02 am

Check out Patrick's new article on his first PG&E bill under the E-9A rate. I commented there that he saved about $.76 by switching to E-9 even after including the extra 120-130 kWh spent charging his car.

I'm hoping for a similar result by using the delay setting on my dishwasher so it runs after midnight and doing my laundry with my electric dryer on weekends before 5pm to avoid the partial peak charges between 5-9pm on Saturday and Sunday. I think my E-9A rate is kicking in starting February 1 so I should find out in another 3 weeks or so.
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