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Underside of the 2018 Volt

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 7:05 am
by Bphoenix
I'm an idiot. I pulled into a parking spot that had a bunch of snow plowed into it. It's been warm for the last week so I thought it would be slushy... it wasn't. In fact it was a solid mound of ice. There was a loud scraping sound and at first I thought I was stuck...hung up on the top of this ridiculous mound. I slowly backed right out - but now I'm worried about any damage I may have done. What's underneath ? Is it completely covered with a steel plate? Or is the exhaust system exposed? There hasn't been any indication of damage - except for my ego. I guess I could try sliding underneath for a look but thought maybe someone here could assure me that the underside is tougher than I think.