infotainment center console mirror my smartphone ??

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infotainment center console mirror my smartphone ??

Postby rgraham1 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 4:04 am

Something that I have read about often and am very interested in:

I'd like to use the infotainment center console unit as an input device to my smartphone.

You could connect your smartphone to the infotainment console and use the console as a touch-sensitive screen.

I could then use a much more useful version of GoogleMaps, like the GMaps I have on my desktop PC.

I could run GoogleNews on my center console and have it read out loud the news that I am actually interested in while I drive.

I could use the center console screen to watch YouTube or Netflix type Apps while I am a passenger in my car.

It would allow more freedom in what auto-related Apps that I can load and use while running Android Auto.

I could run most any app that I would run on the phone - on my center console.

Has anyone else had these or similar ideas?

Has anyone acted on them?

Has anyone rooted their smartphone to use it with the infotainment console to mirror?

If yes, I'd love to exchange ideas with you.

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