Actual Kwh to charge the Volt

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Actual Kwh to charge the Volt

Postby Gabrial » Wed Jun 12, 2019 10:39 pm

Hello everyone,,
I've been trying to compare the cost of commuting in my Volt compared to what I was spending on gas for my last car, a Toyota Avalon. At the end of each commute, which I can do without the gas generator kicking in, the car tells me the number of Kwh used since the last charge. What I'm not sure of is how that compares to the number of Kwh I use to re-charge the Volt. It could be the same, but I'm not sure the system is that efficient. (I'm going about 32 miles using as little as 6.8Kwh. I pay 6.45 cents per Kwh using an alternate energy supplier.)
Anyone know how the Kwh used relates to Kwh needed to recharge?

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