I need advice.!!

When Volts are available, here will be the place to talk about how to Detail, Maintain and Customize your Volt. Other good topics are charging (solar or otherwise) smartphone app usage, etc.
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I need advice.!!

Postby TrevorNoah » Fri Jun 14, 2019 12:23 pm

My dad bought a 2014 crew cab Silverado 1500 back in 2014. It's my dads baby and he has under 40k miles on it. Mabye 2-3 years after purchase we noticed a a lot of Rust on the frame. My dad tried spraying it with this stuff and it didn't work. My dad took it to the dealer and they said to bring it back when he can fit a finger through the frame. The frame is covered in rust and when we look at other Silverados from the same year they dont have this issue. This leads me to believe that we may have bought a faulty truck. Although you can't fit a finger through it I still have concern over the structural integrity. Im scared my dad might get into an accident some day and the truck will crumple up. Is there anything we can do? Please share your suggestions and thoughts, thank you.

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