Why I Bought a 2017 Volt and not Bolt

When Volts are available, here will be the place to talk about how to Detail, Maintain and Customize your Volt. Other good topics are charging (solar or otherwise) smartphone app usage, etc.
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Why I Bought a 2017 Volt and not Bolt

Postby techbud » Thu Oct 17, 2019 5:02 pm

It was a rather wrenching decision to buy a Volt and not wait for the Bolt. These days it seems all the media attention is on the forthcoming Bolt. On the other hand, not much is being said about the 2017 Volt. It is, afterall, still a second generation Volt update for 2017, one of which is the availability of Adaptive Cruise Control. Having said that, my 2017 is essentially a 2016, and although I have not had it for 100 days, yet, I am pleased with the performance. For me, having been the proud owner of a 2010 Toyota Prius, it was important to me to achieve efficiency with respect to gas consumption. Also, I am more cognizant about the environment and wanted to "drive electric". So, I am happy to find I can, for example, go 66 miles on a charge and get 51 mpg on gas. These numbers beat my Prius hands down,my rta and for performance comparison, I am the same driver for both the Prius and now my new Volt. Under the same driving conditions I was getting perhaps 52 mpg with my hybrid Prius, but now I can drive totally electric for 66 miles. Wow! Ok, so why didn't I wait for the Bolt, you may ask. The Bolt promises 234 miles or thereabouts on a full charge, but it comes without any gas backup. It also comes with a lot of very cool tech, and compared to my 2010 Prius, it made it look like a car from prehistoric times. Why in the world would I prefer the Volt? Was it that I chickened out from "range anxiety"? The Volt goes 66 miles on a charge for me and that means I will normally drive each and every day totally electric. If I go on long trips, I can stop for gas. I was all set for getting the Bolt until I realized that the infrastructure for charging stations is not yet mature. The Level Three stations the Bolt requires are few in my area. Also, it was going to take 30 minutes to get 90 miles added in a charge. I like being a pioneer, but not when it is also going to be an inconvenience for me on long trips. I don't like having to reserve a spot in a waiting line ahead of arrival at a station. Call it what you want, but I decided to wait for our country's charging infrastructure to mature. In the meantime, I have a very nice, high tech car that can go totally electric every day for me, the 2017 Volt! :D

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Re: Why I Bought a 2017 Volt and not Bolt

Postby SkiAustin » Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:11 am

I have a 2015 I purchased used with about 40k on it. I love it.
At a previous job (about 8 months ago) I worked with a young engineer who had recently moved from Detroit and had worked on the Bolt battery and systems software. He owned a Gen 2 Volt and loved the car.

In my particular case, a battery only car was simply not an option as I purchased the car in a state a 1000 miles away and drove it home the next day (in one day). You just can't do that in a BEV.

My car is in the shop the last couple days for a SW upgrade recall and a little basic maintenance. I have a 2020 model year loaner, but still I miss the Volt and it's caused me to reflect on the transition to BEV's. I have at least 2 co-workers that are driving Tesla's. They're nice, but I don't think they have the flexibility or as low of a 'total cost of ownership' as the Volt. The simply cannot take impromptu trips out of town like I can.

I expect to upgrade to a used 2nd Gen Volt in a couple years .. assuming I can still find one. I think GM did a great job designing these cars, but I do get concerned about the complexity of the vehicle as it ages. 3 cooling systems, and lots of controls and SW (which does have some bugs in it - I've seen it do some strange things).

So, yes, I think a PHEV is the way to go for the next few years at least, and the Volt is one of if not the best in this category!

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