Ultrasonic Parking Assist Feature

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Ultrasonic Parking Assist Feature

Postby Eric » Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:10 pm

Let me preface this post by saying that I love my new Volt. But does anyone else feel that the ultrasonic parking assist (UPA) feature is not ready for prime time? Because of the Volt's limited rearward visibility, I am glad that mine has the rearview camera, but the accompanying UPA feature is (IMHO) useless. Or worse, it is downright annoying. It sounds off just about every time I shift into reverse, even though nothing is blocking my path. For example, both the front and rear alarms go off every time I back out of my garage. No doubt the sensors are picking up nearby objects in my garage which are not actually in my path. And if ever the sensors do detect a real obstacle, I will probably ignore the warnings. They have cried wolf too many times for me to take them seriously. Perhaps there is also a significant flaw in the UPA design? In most parking situations, the curb is important object. Yet according to the owners manual, the UPA sensors do not detect objects less than 10 inches off the ground. I guess it's OK to grind those shiny alloys along the curbing. I find the UPA so annoying that I now disable it immediately are shifting into reverse.

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Re: Ultrasonic Parking Assist Feature

Postby SpaceCadet » Mon Jul 23, 2012 3:15 pm


The alarms drive me crazy too. Can't comment about the UPA's functionality, at least not yet.

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Re: Ultrasonic Parking Assist Feature

Postby JimColston » Wed Nov 21, 2012 3:55 pm

I park in a garage that is tight on space. There are also two cars on either side of my entrance to the garage. I find that the sensor system does an excellent job of telling me how close I am to the cars. I really appreciate the front sensor since I like to sit low in the car. This makes it more difficult to tell how close I am to the dryer tubing on the front wall of my garage. The backup camera is a must if you want to see any low objects behind the car. My kids are always leaving skateboards and scooters on the ground in the garage. I'm also impressed with how fast the system reacts if someone suddenly walks behind the car or a car drives behind it when you're backing up. My 12-year-old car had none of these great features, and I'm so glad I have them now.

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