Gas Mileage from a euphoric person who loves my volt!!

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John and Linda
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Gas Mileage from a euphoric person who loves my volt!!

Postby John and Linda » Mon Nov 12, 2012 10:51 am

My 2012 Volt was purchased in mid January 2012. The last time I put gas in my gar was August 1st. Seven gallons topped it off. Today I still have 3 gallons left in my tank and am averaging 373.4 mpg for this tank. I've made three out of town trips. Otherwise I barely come in at 37 electric miles each trip I make in the morning and afternoon entirely on electric. I actually giggled this morning. My 10 year old grandson who I was taking to school ended up joining in as I pointed to one vehicle after another, laughing pointing, you use too much gas, you do to, you do and you do. I may have to put gas in my car before January 1st but it's my goal to make it until the new year without buying gas.

I traded a 2000 Mercedes AMG that got between 2 and 9 mpg during city driving. On the highway I got almost 16 mpg. I do not feel a pang for that really super fast car, especially the times I filled it up, which was every week. The thrill of driving this Volt is ever present and I still answer questions about it from other drivers on the road.

I'm 64, living in Florida, and giggling like my 10 year old grandson. It'd take a strong board to wipe the smile from my face for this car.

If I could, I'd buy each of my children one of these cars. Florida is one of the ideal states to drive this car in I imagine.

Overall I am now getting 151 mpg.


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Re: Gas Mileage from a euphoric person who loves my volt!!

Postby trb » Thu Nov 15, 2012 3:45 am

Yes, Florida is probably one of the better climates for the Volt. I live in Michigan and was getting in the 50 mile range per charge this past summer. Now with winter approaching that number will drop but I don't care. Just like you, I love driving this car. It is so much fun and I get a kick out of the attention it gets. My wife and I actually sold a Volt (Well, we actually were convincing enough to get a couple to buy one) when a couple stopped us at a local restaurant and asked numerous questions about. They were very interested in the car but didn't know anyone to talk to about it so when they saw us they stopped and we chatted for quite a while. They ended up trading in their Ford Flex for the Volt. How cool is that. After they bought their Volt they encountered the same thing from other inquisitive people.
Happy Volting and enjoy that nice Florida weather!!

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Re: Gas Mileage from a euphoric person who loves my volt!!

Postby VoltEnthusiast » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:16 am

I'm new to my Volt but already happy with getting an estimated 66 miles after a full charge and 51 mpg actual on gas. The combined I don't worry about. Still learning how to drive efficiently with the Volt after many years with a Prius. I figure I will do better in the future, and will eventually focus on just driving electric. The key for me between Volt and Bolt is knowing I can go further than 234 miles without stopping, and I still get to drive electric every day around town. Best of both worlds.

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Re: Gas Mileage from a euphoric person who loves my volt!!

Postby Ljcollas » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:53 am

I recently bought a used 2014 Volt Premium with all the options. A buddy who used to work for GM Corporate in Detroit has a Volt and loves it. The Volt could be the most technologically advanced car on the road. Chevrolet put lots of R&D $$$ into the car, so much so that it's sold at a loss. It helps GM balance the fuel economy of its fleet to meet Federal fuel economy regulations.
Living in Austin, TX is an advantage for EV ownership. The city is very progressive and supports EV car purchases by paying half the cost of a Level 2 charger and installation. There is also a city-wide charging infrastructure that continues to grow. Green companies like Whole Foods offer free charging stations at their stores. Like many Austin ecology enthusiasts, I have solar panels all over the roof of my house and garage, so my Volt is largely solar powered.
My only complaint about the Volt is about its cargo space. There isn't much of it, and it's hard to conceal anything valuable in the vehicle. I mitigated the exposure problem by having the windows tinted. Now I can have the Crown Jewels in the back and they cannot be seen.
Last thing - I got the Volt with settlement money from the Volkswagen dieselgate fiasco. My 2010 TDI Jetta was supposed to be saving the planet too, but it turns out it was a dirty cheating liar.

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