Regular unleaded gas, is it ok?

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Regular unleaded gas, is it ok?

Postby Mb1kenobi » Sat Jan 12, 2013 8:28 am

Put unleaded reg in my volt bar accident. Is it going to damage my generator?

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Re: Regular unleaded gas, is it ok?

Postby jaysound55 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 11:35 pm

No it won't hurt it. On one of the Volt or OnStar sites it mentions the fact that you'll get the most power/efficiency out of the gasoline engine if you use the recommended premium, but altho' they didn't say specifically, the implication was that if you use just regular unleaded, you'll just not be as efficient which translates into less MPG when using the engine driven generator. The ignition computer in just about all modern cars can sense the octane of the gasoline that you're using and adjust the gas engine accordingly to run as well as it can on that gas. I drove a BMW 5-series Twin-Turbo for a number of years which "required" premium gasoline. Occasionally I'd put a tank of regular into in when gas prices were ridiculous and barely noticed any difference in how it ran. I don't think you'll notice anything in how the Volt will drive with regular in the tank except for fewer MPG as I mentioned above.

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Re: Regular unleaded gas, is it ok?

Postby vevs » Sun Jan 15, 2017 7:26 pm

I bought a 2013 volt used in 2016 which had 1/2 a tank of at least 6 month old gas of unknown quality. The gas engine sounded diesel like when I opened the hood and turned the car on. I filled the rest of the tank with "Top Shelf" premium and a lot of the rattle went away. Gen 1 engine uses a lot of spark advance and a fair amount of compression to improve milage. It needs higher octane to prevent detonation "ping". Detonation kills motors, which is why a lot of cars will retard timing to prevent damage from cheap gas , and MPG and power goes down as retard goes up. Buy a new Gen 2 Volt with a Atkinson Cycle engine (artificially reduced compression thru variable valve timing) if you want to use cheap gas.

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