Speed Bumps and Tire Pressure Monitor System

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Speed Bumps and Tire Pressure Monitor System

Postby VoltEnthusiast » Sat Dec 03, 2016 9:51 am

While I've been enjoying my new 2017 Volt, I noticed my tires were getting soft. It's important, of course, to keep them inflated, but the frequency seems to be higher than normal. Has anyone noticed any difference between their Volt and other cars? I recently moved so it may be speed bumps in my gated community. These vicious speed bumps are designed to force you to slow down so you don't run through the gates. Makes sense, but while I now pay close attention to how fast I hit these bumps and slow down to around 9 mph, I still seem to lose air from my tires. However, one of the nice features on the Volt is the TPMS which tracks current tire pressure. In the mornings, when I first start the car I can check it, and if needed, add air. It's a cool feature I never had before and makes it easy to keep tires inflated for maximum mileage wear and tear. You can also track this information via your MyChevrolet app. Cool.

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Re: Speed Bumps and Tire Pressure Monitor System

Postby leppard3 » Sat Dec 03, 2016 6:47 pm

Just like the other guy who posted he has had to replace 3 flat tires on his Volt that were unrepairable, I see NO WAY your issue or his can be Volt specific. Tires are tires, they don't care if they are on a Volt or a Corvette. Obviously you know that as the temperature cools the pressure in the tires will drop.
Anyway, that is just my opinion, I am not a tire expert.

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Re: Speed Bumps and Tire Pressure Monitor System

Postby nmikmik » Mon Mar 27, 2017 9:37 pm

I am also not a tire expert, but I do know that some cars/rims are more prone to tire air leaks. Sometimes it is the rim that tends to corrode faster than it should, sometimes rim/tire combination causes slow leak. I'd not discount the OP observations, it's not like he is imagining it, when they loose air they loose air.
Similar discussion here - http://forums.automotive.com/70/8339405 ... oing-flat/
I was going over the manual today and noticed that "prescribed" tire pressure is 36psi that is more than any of my other cars. If you go to any tire dealer they will most likely just pump your tire to 32psi and be done with that. It could be the function of increased tire pressure that keeps them leak free?

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