2013 Volt battery capacity problem

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2013 Volt battery capacity problem

Postby MartinL » Mon Dec 19, 2016 7:57 pm

Been loving our 2013 volt for about a year and a half. Mainly my wifes car, but I've gotten some pretty good runs in it... Have done as much as 47 miles on a charge. Not something you'd want to do on a daily basis (too much work!).. Well about 3 weeks ago we got the service high voltage charging system message and would only run on the ICE. Has not been to the dealer for any of the updates nor an oil change since we've had it (22k miles).

Problem ended up being a coolant leak and a battery module (online $960 so not so bad maybe $4k for whole battery) which looks like about 1/3 of the battery, our section was the forward part under the console, yeah the big section... and only $960.. again not too bad. Well they had it a week then we got it back. They have to ship diagnostic tools to the dealerships so that's a day or 2..

Well my wife was saying the estimated range was staying at 29, but I know that varies so we'd see where it'd level out at. Well it never came back up. I drove it the past 2 days for 3 full charges.

From a full charge I'm getting only 9.0 kWh where I was getting 10.9 constantly. So a 17% drop. I understand it may have been a "refurbished battery module" so I might have gotten stuck with well If 1/3 of the battery contributes to the 17% then that particular module would be a lot worse than 17%.....

I'll be calling the dealership for an appointment. There's not much info out there on these so I thought I'd share and update.. and we were debating a volt #2, but that's off the table at the moment...

But what's the common total kWh you guys are getting... 9 should be way off right?
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Re: 2013 Volt battery capacity problem

Postby Bauer-Stanley » Mon Dec 26, 2016 1:48 pm

How did you find out it was a cooling loss? Was the dealership able to figure it out without any testing.

We are in Arizona and similar problems.

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