The number of cookbooks you have

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The number of cookbooks you have

Postby blackmint » Thu Sep 21, 2017 9:40 pm

Cooking books give us special recipes that are hard to tell. So if you have more cookbooks then you will be more successful with the housewife.

I now own about 5 cooking books, two of which are vegetarian cookbooks, while the other is just a cookbook. I very rarely refer to the cookbook, though. If I have not cooked or baked something for a long time, and I'm thinking of doing it again, then I will mention one of my cookbook books for help. If I'm thinking of trying a new recipe, here's where a cookbook is also useful.

When looking through recipes in my cookbook, I often find that each cookbook has a different way to do the same dish. Then I will have to decide which one is the easiest to do, because some recipes tend to be more complicated than others. There are also times I will follow the recipe for the most part, but also add my own touch to it.

How about you, how many cookbooks do you have?

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