Braking: regen to friction split

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Braking: regen to friction split

Postby adamjohnson » Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:31 am

Does anyone have a feel for the split between how much regen vs friction braking is happening at certain brake pedal pressures (on a 2017)? I ask because after using the paddle on the steering wheel quite a lot, I've basically given up on the paddle as being too aggressive and now I just use the brakes.
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Watching the amount of regen being done as I press the brake pedal (in negative kWH), I seem to be able to get about as much regen as using the paddle just by modulating the brake pedal: without the aggression of the paddle and braking harder than I need to. But I wonder, if I press the brake pedal and see -10 kWH, press it a little more and see -15 kWH, and I keep going, is there a known point at which the brake pads kick in and it's not all regen braking?
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Or... maybe when you use the brakes, it's never all regen braking even if you brake lightly? Does it only use regen up to a certain amount of brake pressure, or does it split them and always use at least some friction braking from the pads... mixed in with regen?
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Re: Braking: regen to friction split

Postby Kam74Volt » Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:28 pm

In town, I drive in low. It does not seem to decrease the gas mileage. When you let off the gas you can feel the regen, but it is not as aggressive as the paddle, but more than when you are in drive and let off the gas. If you are in low and let off the gas and also use the paddle, you get really good braking. I can drive on a packed freeway stop and go and not use the brake most of the time. The brake lights do work with the paddle so that is not a problem for the cars behind you.

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