Braking: regen to friction split

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Braking: regen to friction split

Postby adamjohnson » Mon Oct 16, 2017 3:31 am

Does anyone have a feel for the split between how much regen vs friction braking is happening at certain brake pedal pressures (on a 2017)? I ask because after using the paddle on the steering wheel quite a lot, I've basically given up on the paddle as being too aggressive and now I just use the brakes.
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Watching the amount of regen being done as I press the brake pedal (in negative kWH), I seem to be able to get about as much regen as using the paddle just by modulating the brake pedal: without the aggression of the paddle and braking harder than I need to. But I wonder, if I press the brake pedal and see -10 kWH, press it a little more and see -15 kWH, and I keep going, is there a known point at which the brake pads kick in and it's not all regen braking?
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Or... maybe when you use the brakes, it's never all regen braking even if you brake lightly? Does it only use regen up to a certain amount of brake pressure, or does it split them and always use at least some friction braking from the pads... mixed in with regen?
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