Looking at a 2019 Volt before they are gone but have questions

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Looking at a 2019 Volt before they are gone but have questions

Postby bhaikosalam » Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:45 am

Considering a Volt understanding that this is the last year they will be made. Currently a Hybrid owner. I like the mileage although there are good days and bad days based on my driving habits - I will basically drive a car like a car although I run in Eco mode just because it works for me. So my question about the Volt is what really happens when you deplete the battery. If I am traveling more than what EV mode provides, will the engine recharge the batteries on a longer trip? I don't ever see myself stopping to charge for basically 50 miles of EV for the time it would take to recharge. I don't think the 2019 will take a DC Fast Charge. I am not too concerned about range anxiety as the reality is that one of us would need a potty break and could get petro at that time. And I guess that is my rub for the Volt and any other plug in hybrid is that if you are travelling, it may be difficult and lack of convenience to top off the batteries. Curious about the answer to my question and what others do when traveling. TIA.
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