Bought 2019 Bolt 3 weeks ago, ECM died yesterday while on road trip!

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Bought 2019 Bolt 3 weeks ago, ECM died yesterday while on road trip!

Postby LarianBretto » Sat Sep 21, 2019 1:35 pm

I started my first EV road trip (NJ to Montreal with stops in PA and NY) Wednesday night and things were going smoothly until Thursday at 12:22 PM when my Bolt suddenly lost all propulsion. I was able to pull over to the shoulder of the interstate, and after 2 hours I ended up at a dealership (there's a long story with OnStar, but that's a story for another webhotelli time). The dealership gave me a loaner so I could continue my trip.

They got a good look at it today. When they started troubleshooting, the 12 volt battery was dead. They replaced the battery, drove it 3 blocks and it died again. They determined the ECM was defective and needs replacent. I have 2177 miles on the car, so you can understand how disappointed I am right now. I am also stuck waiting for this replacement ECM so I can't go back home until my car gets fixed: current timeline is Tuesday.

Was wondering if this has happened to any of you or know of a similar circumstance with the Bolt. I am hoping this is a one-time issue and not a sign of more issues to come.

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