Owner Center Flaky Information

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Owner Center Flaky Information

Postby blackcats1212 » Thu Nov 23, 2017 8:52 am

I'm a new Volt owner, one whole day.

I left the dealer yesterday with my 2017 Volt Premier - needless to say I did not go straight home - rather I roamed around and arrived home with 7 miles of EV range left.
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I plugged into my 110 volt outlet went into the house and logged onto Chevy Owner Center Vehicle Profile and saw that car was charging and would be fully charged at 10:30 AM today (about 16 hours).

Checking this morning I saw that it was 97% charged and would be fully charged at 10AM.

At about 9AM I went to get something from the car - I did not start the car but lit up the screen and everything seemed to match my computer's screen.
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I went back inside and now the profile says the it will be fully charged ar 12:30 AM or 14.5 hours for the last 3%.

What gives?

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