Locked out of 2017 Volt Premier

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Locked out of 2017 Volt Premier

Postby Kam74Volt » Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:10 pm

I bought my 2017 Volt Premier 1 year ago. I have less than 4000 miles. Great car. Fun to drive. I usually get 33+ MPG with 'Mountain' activated and no charge (just gas). Depending on the terrain I have gotten 50 MPG. All that is good.

What is NOT good is that I have been locked out of my car in random places 5 times. 2 times I took to the local Las Vegas Dealer, told my story and was told there was nothing they could do unless it happened. I was welcome to leave it with them and someone would drive it until it happened. Since it never has happened 2 times in one month, I thought that would not work for me. To rule out a problem with the key, I started using the other key. No problem for about 5 months. I thought it had to be the key and I was going to tell them at the 1st service. But it happened this week with the 2nd key.

Once I was at Costco and had just gassed up. I called Onstar and told them I could not get in. They were not able to locate the car. I believe that means there is no battery connected. But then about 20 minutes later with all the cars honking behind me, the door finally opened 'magically'.

The other times, I was in a meeting or shopping and left the car in a parking lot. If I try all the doors and wait 10 minutes, I can usually get the doors open. This week I used my cell with the app and it seemed to open the car (was very slow, so I am not sure). I am usually a pretty calm person and things like this don't upset me too much. I blame it on all the computers and new technology. It is obvious this car needs more testing and improvement. If you get upset when things like this happen, don't buy a Volt. It is not yet ready for primetime.

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Re: Locked out of 2017 Volt Premier

Postby Avow_VOLT » Wed Aug 15, 2018 11:38 am

I was locked out a few times by mine (2017). Keys didn't work at all. The one time it happened parked in my driveway so I tried both keys and nothing was working.
FYI, you can "force" your way into the car. use the app to unlock, use the key in the physical lock behind the cover on the drivers side. or call on-star. Try to start it. If it says key not present follow where the screen says to put it.
(Open the center console and put the key in the very front of the larger compartment on the very bottom of it. I think the key has NFC in it or something similar)

Oh and after messing with that a couple times I took it to the dealer and they did a software update. Havn't had any issues since then.


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