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First San Francisco Bay Area Chevrolet Volt Owner

On December 20th, 2010 I had the honor of being the first customer in the San Francisco Bay Area to take delivery of the 2011 Chevrolet Volt.  This particuliar Volt was a fully loaded Viridian Joule model that was the 10th Volt off the line -VIN number 1G1RD6E4XBU100010.

Local San Francisco Bay Area media showed up for this event and did a great job documenting this event.  Below are the news segments put together by all the major Bay Area Local News Stations.  Most are titled – “Berkeley Man Becomes First Bay Area Chevy Volt Owner” I had the pleasure of being called “Berkeley Man” for the next couple of days by people I knew.


As I left the event, and started on my 22 mile drive back home to Berkeley, all things started to become real.  Just for fun, I had Onstar help me plot a course home on the GPS, and taking off onto the freewat the smooth silent acceleration was otherworldly and surreal. 

I left the radio off just to listen and absorb the sounds of the Volt.  Without a drowning engine noise you can hear every little subtle noise in the car.  Rather than being distracting, to me it was actually really reassuring.  You can hear every component of the car working in concert with another, each performing its role in a rolling symphony of that is the Chevrolet Volt.  You can hear every part of the car playing its part in perfect balance – no voice overspoken and drowning out the others.

Bringing the Chevrolet Volt Home

I pulled the Volt into my driveway first time and stepped out.  I just stood there absorbing the moment, a moment that I had been waiting 4 years for. I plugged in this number 10 Volt at home for the first time - and I was proud to have just participated in one small part of the Electric Revolution.

Chevrolet Volt Plugged In at Home for the First Time

Check Out More First SF Bay Area Chevy Volt Customer Photos below and links to different articles written about the event!



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Other Videos

If you are interested in what happened at the actual event, check out my other videos below.  First is my taking the Keys to the Volt and driving off for the very first time.

Here you’ll see me getting wired up to do a bunch of on screen interviews (good thing I wore my leather jacket -  Had to hide all those microphones!)

Here are some media drives I took the cameramen on.

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  1. Jeff N says:

    Good job and thanks for the exhaustive coverage of the coverage. I Tivo’d the 11pm stories on the NBC and ABC stations but missed the KTVU and KPIX versions.

    I picked up my car on Tuesday morning and I’m loving it so far. It was a 55 mile drive back home from Concord so I got to experience Charge Sustaining mode and got around 42 MPG driving around 60-65 on the highway for around 28 miles. Yesterday I managed 33.5 miles on one battery charge with an estimated 10 remaining.

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