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My Chevy Volt Order at Concord Chevrolet

Viridian Joule Volt

Although there have been questions and uncertainty about how you can order a Chevrolet Volt in the past 48 hours.  Yesterday at 9:00am at the Plug In San Jose Show, GM announced the pricing for the Chevrolet Volt.  In summary, it is available at $41,000 for a base model and up to $44,600 for a Fully Loaded Volt.

In the past 48 hours, I’ve probably talked to 12 dealers in the bay area, most of them twice, trying to find out who would be able to take my Volt order (with the least premium possible).  Out of respect for the business of others, I won’t mentioned the ones who were asking $10,000 and $3,000 premiums respectively, but I found a small Chevrolet Dealer in Concord, CA who called me up this morning to ask if I was ready to place my order for the Volt.  Working that whole day, and Concord being about 30 minutes away driving, I had to juggle a few things, but I made sure to get down there during my lunch break.

I met with Derrick Perez, the General Sales manager there, and we sat down at his computer.  After going through the normal credit checks, he logged in and we collectively looked at the brand new dealer ordering system for the Volt.  Together, we figured out what all the option codes meant, and the pricing for the options.  A quick painless 45 minutes later, I walked out of the Concord Dealership, with a Viridian Joule, Fully Loaded Chevrolet Volt with black leather / white accent trim.  With order number and all.  All it took was a $1,000 deposit, and the ball was rolling.

Concord has 13 units of allocation for the year, (12 available now since I took one)  And unlike other dealers in the area, we agreed that the purchase price would be at MSRP.  No crazy markups!

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out some of the smaller dealers, and you may find a good deal for your Volt - though some may not be as up to speed.  You can know for sure that Derek at Concord knows how to order you a Volt now though!  Call Concord Chevrolet, ask for Derek, and tell him Patrick with the Chevy Volt Blog site sent you!

Derek Perez


1330 Concord Avenue
Concord, CA 94520-4908
(925) 566-7273

Option Packages

I’m working from memory here, but a breakdown of the options as I remember it were…

1.)  Premium interior trims ($1395)   – This includes a choice of leather seats / trim and accent packages

Leather Trims Available -

  • Jet Black Leather on Green
  • Jet Black Leather with White / Nickel Accents
  • Neutral Color Leather with Dark Trim Accents
  • Jet Black Leather with Dark Trim Accents

2.)  Polished Forged Aluminum Wheels instead of painted, which is standard ($695~)

3.)  Parking Assist Sensors / Backup Camera ($895~)

4.)  Of the 6 Paint Colors, Three of them cost an additional ($995~)

Premium Colors -  (additional $995)

  • Viridian Joule Tri Coat
  • Red Crystal Tri Coat
  • Pearl White Tri Coat

Standard Colors (no additional charge)

  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Silver

15 Responses to “My Chevy Volt Order at Concord Chevrolet”

  1. Jerry R says:

    Congratulations Patrick


  2. PatrickZWang says:

    Thanks Much! Good luck on your order as well! Hope this is Helpful!

  3. Fred says:

    I called around to a few dealers, including your guy at Concord. He has changed his tune and is now taking names but not placing orders. Sounds like they are going with a lottery approach (still at msrp) instead of first come first serve. As you mentioned, other dealers are all asking markup but some are just saying “market value” which I guess means that you don’t know what you’re going to pay for it until the day you go to drive it off the lot. Lame.

  4. PatrickZWang says:

    I guess he must have gotten a lot more interest in the last few days. (Maybe I sent him a bunch of leads!) It’s good that at least he won’t be marking it up – but just unfortunate because of the limited Volt availability.

    I’m waiting to hear back from another 4-5 dealers, whom haven’t contacted me since I’ve placed an order, so I’ll let you know if any other ones open up!


  5. mbepic says:

    It is amazing how business has degenerated to the point where you can’t be the first into a dealer or where-ever and purchase on a first come basis. If they are not charging a premium, why would they not sell Volts to the first 12 people that walk in the door prepared to lay down a deposit; seems to me that they are probably one step away from charging that ‘almighty’ premium over MSRP?

  6. MicroChip says:

    I posted the following over on Chevy’s Volt Forum:

    I’m in N. Jersey and went to the local dealer last night. I won’t say which one yet, until this is settled. They said they had an allocation of 14 and that I would be 5th as they already had taken 4 orders. They told me they were selling at list and would write me an order, and take a $300 deposit. I said fine. They write it up, photocopy my driver’s license and insurance card, I hand over my Amex and ask just that they write on the order that the car will be sold at MSRP or leased using whatever the most favorable leasing program is at release. I want to lease and I want it for $2500 down and $350/month like it says on Chevy’s site and all the press releases, although hoping for leather interior package and whatever that adds to the lease. He says let me just get the manager…

    The manager comes in and says he wants to be up front with me, he’s already got a guy who called in willing to buy all 14 allocated cars at $1000 over list, so he says it will obviously go up between now and when they get them. He said the owners of the dealership were on vacation and he needed to speak to them about what they want to do with their 14 cars, and so he wouldn’t take my $300 deposit, he’d speak to the owners, and call me on Monday. If the owners decide to sell them at list to the first 14 people who put a deposit down, then I can come in and put myself back on the list, although who knows if 10 more people won’t go in this weekend and not ask the one question I asked?

    They also told me that more realistically they would be coming in January and not November, but that he didn’t know for sure. I’m wondering if he was trying to get me to think I was on the first allocation, but hoping to push me off. Doesn’t work for me, the lease on my Accord Hybrid is up late November.

    As soon as they call me and tell me their plans, I’ll follow up on this thread…

    MC in NNJ

    • diana reid says:

      my name is diana reid. i live in north carolina.do you know all the states they r being sold in ? also is there a seperate charge for anything, such as plugging in devices or such? also how did your hybrid work out? thanx, diana reid previously from n.j. thanx again. diana

  7. Jeff N says:

    Just wanted to say “Thank You!” to Patrick for writing about his positive experience ordering from Concord Chevrolet. I was able to put in order #2 first thing yesterday morning with no hassles thanks to your blog. Aside from that, your other postings are very informative and well-written. Keep up the great work!

  8. Fred says:

    I placed my order this morning at Putnam Chevrolet in Burlingame, which seems to be the only other dealer besides Concord that is selling at MSRP. They are getting about 15 total and I was number 6. They were very helpful and required only a $1000 refundable deposit. My order will be placed early next week and I’ll be able to track it at GM’s website. I went with “Silver Ice Metallic”, which is one of the 3 standard colors (I saw a Chevy on the lot with this color and really liked it, I am surprised it’s not extra as it’s a very sparkly metallic color), polished aluminum wheels, leather trim package, and rear camera. I’m very excited and can’t wait for December! (though they give a date for sure, it could be anywhere between December and April).

  9. PatrickZWang says:

    Hey all! Check out the new thread on the Volt Owner’s Forum I’ve posted! I’ve seen a lot of interest on new prospective Volt Owners, and I want a permanent place for it! Help me kick start the forum by posting your Volt Build there!

    http://www.chevyvoltowner.com (Or hit the link on the top right)

  10. Welcome to our family Patrick! I remember when I took your first call to our dealer back in November and sent you the links from our GM website. You have been very enthusiastic with the arrival of the 2011 VOLT to the market. I couldn’t met you the day you came to the dealer but I am already looking forward to see you taking delivery of your 2011 Chevy VOLT. Thanks again for your kindness and compliments about our customer service and way to do business at CONCORD CHEVROLET. Best regards: Sammy (Sales Department).

  11. John says:

    So, what’s the current state for S.F. Bay Area? Are the allocations spoken for? Is interest still high, or has the high price scared off more than I expected?

    • PatrickZWang says:

      Hey John,

      At MSRP there is more demand than supply. As such in SF, most dealers are charging premiums above MSRP. Whether those premiums are resulting in filled orders I do not know yet – perhaps others can share their experience. But certainly th $41,000 MSRP Base has not scared away people from first year production!

  12. Jerry R says:

    My Austin Texas dealer would not give me a firm price but they say maybe at MSRP, no more then $2K premium. I am a player a those numbers but I am not obligated to take my car until price is set. I don’t think they are too worried about selling Volts without a firm commitment on price. Mine is the most popular color with all the optios and they love selling cars fully loaded as they make more margin. They said they would set the price in about two months.

    From what I am reading on various forums more dealers are now taking the approach of setting the price at a later date. Chevrolet seems to be OK with that as long as the dealer is not gouging at that point. Chevy is really getting the word out on gouging and I don’t think you fill find a dealer telling you $10 premium now. Look for early Camaro type premiums ($2k) if any.


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