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My Chevy Volt Order Tracking – Final Update

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Chevrolet Volt Order Tracking Overview

I’ve decided to combine my previous posts into one permanent page that shows you the ways that you can tracking your Chevrolet Volt Order through the production process.  There are two primary ways that you can do this on the web.  One is through the official Chevrolet Order Tracking portal at http://www.chevrolet.com/ordertracking/ All you need to get started is your Dealer’s City and State and your Volt Order Number.  See my updates below to see the views that you’ll see in the Official Chevrolet Order Tracking Website.

There is also a very cool website at www.chevroletconnects.com.  This website is unofficial, but I’ve had a quick email thread with one of the people running the site and they’ve been working with GM to develop this portal.  What is interesting is although the graphics are not as polished – you can sign up to get weekly updates on your production status, and they will show you the actual production codes (see the bottom of the post for an explanation of production codes)  Also, you can get more details about your order (the exact specs and options your ordered) that are not available on the official Chevrolet Order Tracking site.

For this, all you’ll need is the same information – check out the screen shots below from my order to see what you can get by signing up!

Chevrolet Volt Order Tracking from ChevroletConnects.com

My Chevy Volt Order Tracking Updates

Update from 12/23/2010

If you have not already seen from the very excited posts from the rest of the site, I was the first person in the San Francisco Bay Area to pick up my 2011 Chevrolet Volt.  Here is the final update I received from ChevroletConnects, incidentally – the update came after I picked up my car, however mine was an unusual case where I had help tracking down the exact delivery date of the car.  You can see I did the paperwork just as the car was delivered.  Additionally, you can see the final updated order statuses, and order summaries below (They actually changed over time).  I am now the proud owner of the 10th ever Chevrolet Volt and enjoying every minute of it!

orderupdate ordersummary


Update from 11/10/2010

Looks like my Volt is just about ready to go!  I’ve entered production code 3800 as of 11/9/2010.  We do however know that the official Job 1 ”Launch Date” for the Volt is 11/30/2010.   I’ve also found out through the order tracking system what my VIN is.  Specifically 1G1RD6E4XBU100010 or the 10th Volt off the line!



Update from 10/19/2010

I like some others today got an update from my Chevrolet Volt Order Tracking that my order has moved from Code 3000 to 3400, or specifically Order Broadcast For Production.  See the screenshot below!  I suspect that things are well on their way and we’ll soon have Volts driving around town! 


Update from 9/25/2010

Derek from Concord Chevrolet called me this week to let me know that dealers have received their first confirmed allocation to place a firm production order with GM.  (The order I placed back in July was a preliminary order – so once the dealer gets their “allocation” to build a car for sure, they put in a final order)  Concord – and other dealers - so far have received 1 firm allocation.

Those of you that checked the
order tracking system from Chevrolet
originally when it came out probably saw your tracking being in stage 2 “vehicle being produced” only to find a couple days later that it was back in stage 1, “order placed” This was likely a correction since the stage 2 wasn’t really an accurate summarization of your order state. Read on later in the post to see how order states in the tracking system map to vehicle production codes.

I asked Derek to check my actual production code and he found it was (2000 – Accepted by GM)

Sure enough – a day later I checked the Order Tracking System and it had re-updated to show “Vehicle being produced”  So if you think you have an initial allocation (read :  Launch Volt) check your order tracking today and see if your dealer has gotten their initial firm allocation.


Original post from 9/15/2010

This morning, GM released a new site that will allow Chevrolet buyers to track their order online.  Basically this is an online portal that allows you to access some basic information about your Chevy Volt on order through the entire production process.  This site is for all Chevrolet cars & trucks and not just the Chevy Volt.  All you need to be able to track your order is your order ID and the dealer’s state.


I got an email from the Concord Chevrolet this morning mentioning this, and the fact that my order ID was on the site and working.  (Your order may not register right away – but do not worry if that is the case as the database supporting this site is probably one layer away from the actual production database – so it may take some time to update properly)

In any case, for all those who have ordered a Volt, and those who are thinking about ordering a Volt, have a look at the following screen shot for my order.


The information provided is fairly basic, it tells you 5 basic phases of your Volt’s production, which vary from:

  1. Order Placed
  2. Vehicle Being Produced
  3. Production Complete
  4. Shipped/En Route
  5. Vehicle at Dealership

These states however are simplified from actual vehicle internal vehicle event codes.  The the deeper order codes that you don’t see on this site are:

1.) Order Placed

0 – Order

501 – Order Configuration Added

1000 – Order Request Accepted by GM

1100 – Preliminary Order Accepted

2.) Vehicle Being Produced

2000 – Accepted by GM

3000 – Accepted by Production Control

3100 – Available to Sequence

3300 – Scheduled for Production

3.)  Production Complete

3400 – Broadcast

3800 – Produced

4.) Shipped / En Route

4000 – Available to Ship

4150 – Original Invoice

4200 – Shipped

5.) Delivered to Dealer

5000 – Delivered to Dealer

Some of the Order states are self-explanatory – but keep in mind that the vehicle event codes in the backend may often be transient (it will likely move from Available to Ship to Shipped very quickly – perhaps within a day)  This explains why the Order Tracking site provided the larger more generic buckets to make it easier for the customer to understand.  You can see the complete powerpoint that I got from Concord Chevrolet about the Chevrolet Order Tracking and how it works.

Download: Track Your Order.ppt

For me – I got my order in July 27th, and it is in state “Vehicle Being Produced” as of August 23rd.  This according to the event codes could mean anything between “its in the system” to “its got a place in the assembly line”.

Got your Order In?  Post it in the Chevy Volt Buyer’s Forum!

3 Responses to “My Chevy Volt Order Tracking – Final Update”

  1. Jeff N says:

    My order showed up as well with an order date of July 29 and the same “Produced” date of August 23. However, I ordered the black leather seats with dark accents and there is some confusion over whether there will be a production delay for that interior combination and how long it might last (4 weeks was mentioned as a possibility by a GM exec quoted on another site). Other folks say they have been told that initial 2010 nov/dec production will be cloth seats only. Only time and Chevrolet.com will tell for sure.

    One other curiosity is the vehicle description which describes the engine as “PLUG IN ENGINE FLEXIBLE FUEL, (GAS/ALC), 4 CYL, 1.4L, MFI, DOHC E-FLEX, FAM 0″. The ability to burn E85 from new cellulosic refineries would be great but GM said back in February that the Flex-Fuel support would likely not be ready in time for initial production. I will be watching to see if this description is updated in the next few weeks.

  2. PatrickZWang says:

    Yeah I suspect whatever description they are pulling is just not quite up to date – as this is a release for all Chevrolet Products. Nonetheless – pretty cool that you can see it!

  3. Faz says:

    Order is showing an ‘in between’ number, not sure what it means…

    08/09/2010 – (1102) Order Entered via Web
    08/09/2010 – (1100) Order Placed at Dealership Order passed GM edit tables but dealers has not received allocation to place order
    08/23/2010 – (2030) Order edited or modified
    09/20/2010 – (2030) Order edited or modified
    09/24/2010 – (2030) Order edited or modified
    10/19/2010 – (2030) Order edited or modified

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