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On My Way to Detroit for A Volt Test Drive


One of the problems with suddenly deciding to start a blog after you’ve collected months of experiences and content is that you have to write about everything in past tense.  Ideally I would have liked to share my entry to the Wired Chevy Volt Video contest, and my excitement in winning in a following post – but since they’ve all since happened ~ I’ll have to start with my upcoming trip to Detroit.

The plane tickets are booked, the hotels are set and the itinerary complete.  I’m on my way to Detroit in two weeks to get the “behind the scenes” view on the Chevrolet Volt.  The most important part of course is to test drive the Volt at Milford proving grounds.  If everythings goes well – this means it’ll be one of the first times members of the public will be able to drive the Volt at speeds above what you can acheive in a parking lot (though in my San Francisco drive, one of the Onstar employees drove it much faster than I thought possible in a proverbial “hot ride”.  More on this later when I can collect my thoughts about my May test drive experience.

I wanted to share with you the prospective itinerary, and also offer the chance for you to request certain things of my test drive experience.  Of course I’ll be doing as much filming and photo taking as possible, and spending a lot of time with the pedal to the metal.  But to offer a chance for you to live vicariously – let me know what you’d like me to try and do.

  1. Prospective Itenary:
  2. Virtual Reality Lab Tour
  3. Battery Lab Tour
  4. Design Center Tour
  5. Milford Proving Grounds Volt Test Drive
  6. OnStar Command Center Tour
  7. Detroit Hamtramck Plant Tour

Check back After July 16th to see all my photos and videos as well as commentary on the upcoming Chevy Volt Wired Test Drive!

If you haven’t yet seen the Youtube Video, here it is along with the other winners.

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