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May 2012 Chevy Volt Battery Enhancement Upgrade

August 2011 Chevrolet Volt Homecoming @ Woodward Dream Cruise

August 2011 Chevy Volt/EV Meet & Greet @ GM Advanced Tech Center

December 2010 Level 2 Home Charger Installation

December 2010 Volt Comes Home

December 2010 Volt Delivery Concord Chevrolet

October 2010 Volt Unplugged Los Angeles

August 2010 Dublin Chevy Volt Open House

July 2010 San Francisco Chevy Volt Casual Carpool

July 2010 Detroit Milford Proving Grounds Test Drive

May 2010 San Francisco Chevy Volt Test Drive

December 2009 Los Angeles International Auto Show

Chevy Volt Coloring Page

5 Responses to “Gallery”

  1. Johann says:

    Hi Patrick, I noticed in your photos on your blog titled:
    July 2010 Detroit Milford Proving Grounds Test Drive
    What did you think of the leather color and the color of the inserts. I was leaning towards the black leather interior. But then I saw your pics and the light color of the door inserts were questionable to me.

    But these last few days of hot weather makes me question the black leather seats I ordered.

    Thanks for you input!

  2. PatrickZWang says:

    Hey Johann,

    The Tan Colored Trim package would look very nice with the red or black exterior Volts. Personally I think the tan clashes too much with a light colored volt like the white, viridian joule, or silver. Gray would be a toss up. If you look at the viridian joule volt above, i don’t like it. But the red one i do like the tan trim.

    The tan is very well put together and gives it a slightly more european classy feel to it than the black, which gives more of a techno-edgy feel to the volt. The tan door inserts actually work pretty well with the whole interior package as the contrasting tan on black gives it a great interior two tone, but again – it matters what exterior color you got mostly imho.

  3. Wyman Adcock says:

    Patrick Wang just picked up his new Volt at Concord Chevrolet.
    Today is a monumental day we should all remember.
    The Globe just breathed a sigh of relief. We can now say that the future just arrived. The future hope of ending the war on global emissions has become a reality. We are no longer dreaming about it. You can now see it, sit in it, and drive it. Thanks to Chevrolet Volt, America now has an electric vehicle that is quiet luxury and pure peace of mind.
    An electric powered vehicle with peace of mind, because you don’t have worry about distance you travel. The Volt will charge its own lithium diode battery, if the need arises while you drive to your destination.
    I imagine the feeling I experience when I saw Patrick Wang’s Volt must similar to how the horse and buggy drivers must have felt when they saw their first automobile.

  4. richard munger says:

    Those of us who live in the sierras wonder if there is an electrical braking provision on long downhill grades after the batteries have reached maximum charge to help avoid overheating of the disc brakes?

  5. PatrickZWang says:

    Hey Richard,

    Welcome to the site! I would post your question in the forums so as to get higher visibility – someone might have the answer for you there!


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