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Post your Volt Build in the Chevy Volt Owner’s Forum!

Patrick & Viridian Joule Volt

I’ve gotten several email correspondences going with new prospective Volt Orders who have gotten their orders in with the dealers, so I’d like to take this opportunity to use this topic as a way of kick off the Chevy Volt Owner’s Forum!

Some visitors may have seen a slightly hidden link on the top nav of the page referring to a newly launched Chevy Volt Owner’s Forum.  I’ve started a new topic there so that Volt Owner’s can post their individual builds of the Volt, and where it was ordered etc.  This will be a good way of seeing what kind of interest there is out there and also a nice way to meet and greet other prospective Volt Owner’s!

I’ve already posted my build – Head on over and post yours!  (And get everyone else that has ordered a Volt to do the same!)

You can get to the forum two ways, one through the link at the top right of the page, and secondly, directly at http://www.chevyvoltowner.com

Let’s see the Volt’s that will soon be on the road!

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