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First SF Bay Area Volt/EV Meet @ GM Advanced Tech Office – August 6, 2011 (RSVP Here!)


Download the SF Bay Area / Volt / EV Event Flyer Here

Hey All, its finally here! I have managed to find a venue for our First Chevy Volt Meet Up where owners of Chevy Volts (and other EV’s) can meet and greet each other and share experiences.

GM has offered to host this event at their Advanced Technology Center in Palo Alto where not only will you be able to meet and greet other Volt / EV Owners, but also take a look into current and future EV innovations.

Some important notes / FAQ’s

1.) Free Food will be provided in the form of a continental breakfest.

2.) Please reply to this thread if you plan on attending. (Reply Yes if greater than 50% chance of attending, Reply Maybe if less than 50% chance of making the event) We need to get a decent headcount to help with event planning. Also note if you are bringing guests and how many.

3.) Please feel free to invite friends / family and any other EV Enthusiast you know. they do not need to be Volt owners, this is an open event for all EV Enthusiasts / People interested. Use the flyer to promote, and please ask attendees to post their name / number of guests.

4.) There will be no EV Charging resources available at the venue. (It’s at an office building). We were considering running a 110 Volt drop, but for 2 hours you could barely put in 7-8 miles of charge. There is however a couple 240v stations down the street at the Creekside Inn if you visit www.mychargepoint.net. It is listed as unrestricted parking, but I have not confirmed if they are available to the public.

Once again I’m very excited to be able to meet the rest of the community and look forward to seeing all your Volts (and Leafs and Other EV’s) at the event! Please feel free to post below if you have any questions.

Download the SF Bay Area / Volt / EV Event Flyer Here

63 Responses to “First SF Bay Area Volt/EV Meet @ GM Advanced Tech Office – August 6, 2011 (RSVP Here!)”

  1. PatrickZWang says:

    I am of course coming! Please RSVP Here if you are planning on attending

    Patrick Wang

    Attending?: Yes
    Total Party: 2

  2. elaine chewy says:

    I plan to be there.

  3. TommyBoy says:

    Nope. Cannot make it. Simply The WRONG weekend.

  4. Darrell Holmquist says:

    Attending? Maybe
    Total in party: 1

  5. Fred Bockmann says:

    I will be there with 1 additional guest

    Volt 3232

  6. pantoniop says:

    I will attend

  7. Name says:

    I’ll try, sounds fun!

  8. Chris N says:

    I’m not a Volt owner, but I’d like to hear the buzz. Then I can report to our EV meetup group about the results.


  9. Fred says:

    Sounds like a great venue, thanks for organizing this. I’ll be there (solo as my wife is away that weekend).

  10. Hi! It’s great to hear of a Bay area Volt meet-up. Unfortunately, getting there requires missing a regularly scheduled Saturday morning meeting that is extra-valuable to me, so I’ll have to make it a ‘maybe’, and only by myself.

  11. Unfortunately I have to give a talk at the Exploratorium that day, otherwise I’d be there with the Volt. Have a great time. I wish I could be there.

    Volt #1873

  12. George says:

    I’ll be there. Don’t have a Volt, but will bring my EV. Looking foward to getting some good information on the state of EV’s from GM

  13. Chau H. says:

    I would like to attend. Add me for party of 2. I don’t own a volt but seriously considering buying one and would like to hear others opinions and see this meeting up close and hear more info from the GM people.

  14. Jeff N says:

    Thanks for organizing this! I’ll be there.

  15. Tam says:

    I should be able to go. If I do, I’ll probably bring my son.

    Attending: Yes
    Total Guest: 2


  16. volt779 says:

    I will be there!

  17. Sean says:

    I will be there with possibly one guest

    Volt 1692

  18. David Owen says:

    I will be there with possibly one guest

  19. Byron Shaw says:

    We’re working hard to have 220 charging available for the event, but no promises!

    Byron Shaw
    Managing Director
    GM Advanced Technology

  20. PatrickZWang says:

    Awesome Byron! I’m very curious to see what that looks like if it comes together ;)


  21. VOLT GM says:

    Maybe, if so then 4 and likely a trail of jealous Pruis’s and MBZ owners tagging behind. Thanks for scheduling, and GO CAL BEARS.

  22. mmalc Crawford says:

    Thank you for organising this; I plan to be there, probably by myself.

  23. Derek Taubert says:

    I’ll be there +2 people and one Volt. :-)

  24. Jack says:

    I’ll be there with +1 guest and a Leaf (or my Electric Scooter)

  25. Isaac says:

    Ill make it, i will be a future EV owner once i graduate school

  26. Stan Guidero says:

    Just got my Volt. Will try to be there.

  27. Lee Shahinian says:

    I plan to be there. Leaf owner. Thanks.

  28. I’ll be there. Sounds like it’s gping to be a great meet up!

  29. Johann says:

    My lord is that some small font for the field descriptors. Yes, I plan on attending. Do I have to wash my car? ;)

  30. Cheryl Rogers says:

    yes, I’d love to come and meet other volters. likely just me. thanks.

  31. Paul Smith says:

    Yes, I’ll attend with 2 guests.

  32. Randy says:

    Can’t wait, small possibility that the wife will come too. Hope my EV is out of the shop with it’s new batteries by then…


  33. Rohit Khare says:


  34. Tom Schworetzky says:

    Yes I will attend with 1 guest

  35. Hal Hassin says:

    The 2 of us will be there. Looking forward to sharing experiences and questions

  36. Alan D. says:

    I’ll be there, with 1 guest.

  37. John Burns says:

    At the moment I am a Maybe. Live in San Jose. Have had my Volt about a month now. Where did you guys come up with the number that put you in the “Volt owner” line. My dealer never mentioned that to me…not that it makes any difference. Whether or not you can provide a 240 charging station for me or not will be the deciding factor in whether or not I will make the event. I have another stop in your neighborhood that afternoon before I return to San Jose and I do not like to use gasoline. Your location puts me on the border of having to do that. If I show up it will be with one additional friend.

    • PatrickZWang says:

      Hey John,

      Hope you can make it – as mentioned no guarantees on 240v charging at the venue, though there are some in the area that you might be able to stop in at later in the day.

      As far as “Volt Numbers” we are referring to the VIN Number for your car, you should see it whenever you turn on the car in the center console screen.


  38. Bob Finn says:

    I hope to come. I’ll be bringing one additional guest.


  39. Lochan says:

    will be there. No guests!

    • Lochan says:

      Unfortunately, last minute issues, cannot make it! Will miss it :( Look forward to the next time. Keep up the good work!

  40. Bobzurun says:

    I’ll be there-1 person total

  41. Cheryl says:

    Me plus 1

  42. Chris Turzo says:

    I will be there by myself. Thanks!


  43. Dave Severns says:

    Me plus my wife. Will there be a car photo shoot? If so, I’ll bring the Volt. If not, the Tesla.

    • PatrickZWang says:

      Hey Dave,

      Bring your own cameras! I don’t have an official setup, but some media may come out and we definately want to take lots of photos to document the event. I will be taking photos of all the EV’s that we get there as well.


  44. Kelsey Severns says:

    Attending, plus 1 guest

  45. Brian Hatch says:


    You were nice enought drive to Sacramento last month; I will be thrilled to come to Palo Alto! It looks like you put a lot of wok into this one!!

    Please allow for 2

  46. Dave Shepperd says:

    Just me.

  47. Tony W says:

    I will be there. Also, one idea: Someone from GM should have a tire inflator there, so that a GM person can ensure that all Volt cars there have their tires inflated to the right level. Thoughts? Sounds like a simple/cheap way for GM to ensure that their customers are happy and achieve the best possible fuel economy and safety.

  48. Nati says:


  49. Julia Miftakhov says:

    My husband and I would like to attend this meeting.

  50. Ed Thorpe says:

    Yes, I will be there and will be bringing a friend.

  51. Jim Pollock says:

    I will be there with my EV.

  52. Gary Lieber says:

    I will be there representing the Nissan Leaf contingent.

  53. Arnold de Leon says:

    Thank You Patrick for organizing.


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