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The Chevrolet Volt at Dublin Chevrolet


Dublin Chevrolet, which is one of the larger Chevrolet Cadillac dealerships in the San Francisco East Bay hosted a day long Chevy Volt / Chevy Cruze Event where they had the latest pre-production Volt and Cruze on display for the general public to view, get in, sit down and do everything short of drive away in it.  I’ll have a separate post on my photos and videos of the Chevrolet Cruze.

I went to the Saturday Open House and got more detailed photos of it.  For those of you who have ordered a Volt or are planning to order one, the Volt on display was a Viridian Joule, fully loaded with neutral leather interior Volt.  (If you haven’t already, check out the Chevy Volt Colors and Trims as well as the Chevy Volt Accessories and Options pages to see more)

More on the Wheels / Tires of the Volt

Below you’ll see a close up photo of the polished aluminum wheels that are available as an option above the same but painted aluminum wheels.  The stock tires are Goodyear Assurance FuelMax P215/55R17 93H Tires.  For those of you not familiar with tire-speak, this means that the tires are for Passenger Cars, 215 mm wide, fit on 17 in diameter wheels and the sidewall ratio is 55% of the width of the tire. 93 is an indication of the load each tire can take (in this case 1433 lbs at full tire pressure) x 4 tires = 5732 lbs max load assuming equal distribution across 4 tires.  And H means it’s rated for speeds up to 130 mph.  (Though the Volt is electronically limited at just over 100 mph)


You’ll notice as well that if you look in the back of the Volt there is no spare tire.  Instead there is a Tire Repair Kit complete with 12 volt compressor and puncture sealant.   The Volt will also have run-flat tires (the plastic inserts inside the tires so that you don’t wreck your wheels driving on a flat)  Personally I prefer having full size spares, however given the space constraints on the vehicle, I’m perfectly happy to keep a spare at home in case I do need to get a tire repaired.

Chevrolet Volt Tire Repair Kit Compressor

Plugging in the Volt

I got a much better video of the unplugging / plugging in process for the Volt, check it out below.  The process is simple, easy and the parts look durable.

Interior Appointments

You probably have not noticed in any of the photos or videos you’ve seen, but the pre-production Volts have steady been coming along with more complete interior treatments.  For example, some of the panels did not have the texturing in place in the earlier pre-production cars.  This particular version had most of the front compartment texturing done and design really comes to life once you sit in it.  The driver’s seat really cradles you (as a 6 foot 2 in driver) and it is very comfortable inside.  As the Volt/Cruze platform sits right between a compact and midsize, it affords most of the comforts of a mid-size without increasing the exterior dimensions too much.

Viridian Joule Volt with Rear Tan Leather Seats

Under the Hood

Ok all you Volt Gearheads, you’ve asked about various things under to hood and I’ve speculated with you.  So I’ve done you the favor of taking more focused under the hood shots to drive your speculation engine further!  Check out the video below of the Volt under the hood.  Before I make my comments, you can make yours!  I’ve noticed a few more things this time than I did with my previous shots.

The Dublin Chevrolet Staff


While I ordered my Volt from a small dealership about 25 miles north of Dublin, it was neat seeing a very large Chevy Dealership – and the very fun and cool event they put on.  You even got some free swag (aka trinkets and trash) like t-shirts, water bottles, Chevrolet caps.  Etc.  Check out the photos below of what you could have gotten!  (Worry not however, as these types of events are moving around the country and you may get a chance to do the same at your local dealership!)


Stay tuned for more on this event, I’ll soon write about an interview I had with a Volt Battery Cooling Algorithms Engineer, The Chevrolet Cruze, and a very large gasoline card…

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    Very nice review and writeup of your experience! Thanks!

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