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The Chevrolet Volt Casual Carpool

Chevrolet Volt at San Francisco Casual Carpool

In a bit of lucky coincidence, while I was in Detroit as part of the Wired Chevy Volt contest, I spoke with Rob Peterson who is the Communications Manager for Electric Vehicles at General Motors and he asked me if I had ever heard of anything called “Casual Carpool”.

While the name didn’t immediately ring a bell, after he described it a bit it became obvious what he was taking about – the San Francisco Bay Bridge Carpool Institution where strangers pick up strangers so that they can get across the busiest bridge in San Francisco faster, and at less cost!  While I myself had never used this (never having the need to commute into the City) I knew that there was a pickup point literally right next to where I worked in Emeryville.

I volunteered to scout out the pickup locations, timing etc for casual carpool – and after a quick sending a quick set of videos and photos of Casual Carpool with the local GM PR crew, the Volt was in my part of town participating in part of the San Francisco institution of casual carpool.  It was certainly amusing watching people drive by and do double-takes at the Volt.  The car being so unique, it was hard to ignore.  The local NBC station also showed up with a film crew as well.  Below you’ll find an amusing picture of the Volt parked right behind a Prius, waiting for passengers to take across the bridge.  Hmm I wonder which car I would take…

Volt in Casual Carpool Line behind Prius

All in all it was probably the best way to spend a Monday morning.  Check out some additional videos below of the casual carpool event – first when I jumped in the backseat to drive from the truck to the pickup location, and second, an actual pick-up in progress.

See all the photos in the photo gallery.

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