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Chevy Volt Dance (Less Fox News)

Many longtime followers of the Chevrolet Volt know of the “infamous” Chevy Volt Dance that was at the LA Auto Show.  For those of you that haven’t heard of it – basically Fox News ran a segment on how wasteful a production it was.

If you want my personal opinion, Fox News is basically borderline tabloid entertainment news station that practices what I can sensationalist journalism.  Your opinion may vary, are you can call me out for being a San Francisco, NPR listening liberal, but nonetheless I offer the following perspective on the Chevy Volt dance from the perspective of a real “normal” person actually at the show.

I actually ended up seeing the very first performance of the Chevy Volt Dance at the 2009 LA Auto show.  It was noon on Friday, which was opening day for the show.  I actually got a pretty good HD recording of it which you can see below.

To give you proper context, if you’ve never been to a major auto show, every vendor has something like this – a jingle, a song, a dance, a game show – to attract visitors to their respective booths.  They are very short, and played relatively low key to get to local foot traffic to come over and see a featured attraction.

I may be biased, but I thought that the dance itself fit very well with the show floor was cute, full of energy and fit appropriately.  Fox News said it was a “waste” of money – but the cost of hiring 4 local dancers and choreographing a show is hardly the worst use of tax dollars I can think of.  In fact, you could even argue that by paying these 4 local dancers, you were helping to put people back to work – doing real honest for honest wages.

It’s amazing how strong the powers of suggestion can be when Fox News add captions to a seemingly innocent movie (just see all the Youtube comments on the original post right after the Fox News Segment ran).  But please – use your own judgment and put a 2 minute dance into perspective! 

What do you think?

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