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The Chevy Volt Experience (in Detroit)



My trip to Detroit was eye opening.  I thought I had won a trip to test drive the pre-production Volt, but I came out with an entirely different worldview.  The team at GM did a fantastic job showing us just how many people from very different walks of life it took to put together the Volt.  In the end – I thought I would be writing one article about the Volt driving experience (rest assured there will be a complete test drive and review article).  But I found so many different perspectives to write about that one post would not do it justice.

Since there is a substantial amount of content, I’ve outlined the topics I plan to write on below, keep checking back and you’ll see them get filled in.  Also check out the updated photo gallery for more Volt pictures at the Proving Grounds

The People behind the Volt (Part 1)

On Designers

On Battery Specialists

On Chief Engineers

On the People on the Line at Detroit Hamtramck

Engineering Tidbits from the Volt (Part 2)

Cabin Climate Control

Battery Setup (Hi and Low voltage)

Onstar capabilities

Minor Adjustments

Charging Cables and Spare Tires

The Volt Driving Experience (Part 3)

Driving in Different Modes (Normal, Sport, Mountain)

Noise, Vibration and Harshness

Cabin Comfort (Air Conditioning)

Acceleration (Up to 70 mph)

Ride and Handling

Ergonomics and Control Layout

Seating Comfort

Estimated Charge Sustaining MPG

Thoughts and Perspectives on the American Auto Industry (Part 4)

An Editorial Commentary for someone who has now seen the inside

2 Responses to “The Chevy Volt Experience (in Detroit)”

  1. Jerry R says:


    I am really looking forward to your reports. Hope the video camera worked this time. :)


  2. Neville Patterson "JWatt" says:

    I tried to e-mail you last night. I’m assuming your “driving impressions” section 3 is not yet enabled- I surely cannot access it yet. I am looking forward to your report, and am most curious about ergonomics, dimensions and the driving itself. Can you compare the car “feel” to any known vehicles- Prius, Cobalt, Fusion?

    Thanks, Neville Patterson

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