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The First Chevrolet Volt Deliveries by Truck and Train

Viridian Joule Volt in Delivery Truck

While many in the east coast have already received their Volts, future West Coast Volt owners are still waiting patiently for their Volts to arrive.  Well the good news is, that they are arriving now.  This morning I drove to Concord Chevrolet, the dealer who took my Volt order at MSRP to see my Volt being unloaded from the truck.  The Truck driver, Pat – said he left Detroit on Tuesday (It’s now Saturday morning) and made his journey south, ultimately catching interstate 10 west through to Los Angeles and dropping off a delivery of Volts  there, he turned North and dropped 3 Volts off at Concord Chevrolet.

The folks at Concord Chevrolet were kind enough to let me take the first drive of the car up to the service center (a whole 200 yards or so) where the Volt was queued up to be washed, detailed and ultimately put through a PDI or Pre-Delivery Inspection. 

I was able to find out some interesting facts that might shed a little light if you are still waiting for your Volt to be delivered.

1.)     Many Volts were shipped by Truck, especially the Launch Volts, however a good number also went by rail, which takes longer than truck delivery.  This means if your Volt left the factory when it arrives at your dealer will depend if it went via rail or truck it would be hard to say exactly when it would be delivered.  (Northern California  was about the farthest delivery for a truck because they have to drive all the way south to avoid the winter weather, then turn west on the I-10 and come back north on I-5)

2.)    When I started up the Volt to drive it 600 feet or so, the battery was depleted and there was minimal gas in the tank.  (Pretty standard for any shipping process).   Also, most dealers will not have a level 2 charging setup as they were primarily reserved for customers.  This means that even after your Car is delivered, washed and tested, the dealer will have to put 10 hours’ worth of charge into your car.  As such, I am picking up my Volt first thing Monday morning, even though it arrived Saturday Morning.

3.)    My Volt was Vin #10.  It happened to have 83 miles on it as new, which is more than most new cars.  So you know how GM said they were doing “quality checks?”  It gives you some reason to believe that they actually did more extensive testing on the launch units.  If you think about it 83 miles is basically running down the battery all the way once and running for some period on extended range mode.  (Anyone else notice this?)

4.)    At 9:30 am Monday morning there will be a small media event at Concord Chevrolet to commemorate the First Volts to be delivered in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I’ll be there to receive my Volt.

5.)    I heard Jay Leno got Volt Vin #13.

In any case, aside from taking the photos and videos that you can see below, I signed all my paperwork and wrote my check today so I am now the proud owner of the 10th Volt off the line.  I’ll be ready to start one little corner of the Electric Revolution tomorrow.  Check out all the photos and videos of my Chevrolet Volt Delivery and tune in later this week to see me take delivery of the Volt.  I’ll also have more next week on my experience with SPX installing a 240 v level 2 charger in my home which is set to happen on Wednesday this week.

There’s also an active forum thread with Volt Customer Deliveries that you can post all your delivery photos etc and your happy experiences with your brand new Volt.  Cruise over to the Chevy Volt Owner’s forums and join the discussion!

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  1. Jeff N says:

    It’s fun to see the video of the Volt being backed out of the transport truck. Thanks for taking the photo of my Red Volt in the service bay! I’m really looking forward to driving it home Monday night or Tuesday.

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